Pre-Grown Green Facade – Parque Apartments

Pre-Grown Green Facade  – 76M2

The green facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

The pre-grown green facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

Parque-Apartments-install Parque-Apartments-3mths  Parque-Apartments-6mths  Parque-Apartments-9mths

LOCATION  –  Parque Apartments, 555 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

DEVELOPER –  Hickory


DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  September 2016

Four pre grown green facade planter modules were installed at Parque Apartments, a Hickory development on a heritage listed, upmarket residential development on St Kilda Road.

The facade units were craned into position on level 8 of the apartment block, providing an impressive green element overlooking the pool deck.

These images show the range of facade growth from installation, 1.5 meters pre-grown at Fytogreens nursery, to its current height of approximately 7 metres.  The facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

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New Zealand Green Facade

New Zealand’s Largest Indoor Green Facade – 450 M2

New Zealand Green Facade by Fytogreen & GreenAir

New Zealand Green Facade by Fytogreen & GreenAir

141-cambridge-pano-4 cambridge7062 cambridge7074 cambridge7087 laneneave-welcome-home

LOCATION – Offices of Lane Neave 141 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch, New Zealand.


PROJECT BUILDER – Southbase Construction

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia & GreenAir

COMPLETION – July 2015

Fytogreen, together with GreenAir, provided a new commercial building in Christchurch with New Zealand’s largest indoor green facade. Towering up 4 levels in the atrium area of the new six-story office building.

The atrium area provides an infiltration of natural light and ventilation. The plants are supported by a combination of growing lights and natural light to ensure plant sustainability. The living facade softens the raw surfaces, provides a fresh outlook for the office floors and reinforces the idea of a ‘Garden City’.

Designed by Fytogreen’s inhouse Botanist Erik Van Zuilekom, a selection of very low light tolerant climbers were used; Philodendron Scandans, Epipremnum and Hoya positioned within 107 lineal meters of Fytogreen’s Low Density Polyethylene planter boxes. The Hoya and Scandans have proved to be the star performers on this particular facade.

The green facade is an impressive 450m2 and was construed on 52 vertical stainless steel wires, supplied by Tensile, with a varied height range of 13m to 17 meters.

Crown Casino – Teak Room Green Facade



Teak-87 teak-2010_1905 Teak-inside-RHS-wall Teak-inside teak203
LOCATION – Teak Room, Crown Casino.  Whiteman Street, Southbank , Melbourne CBD.

ARCHITECTS – Bates Smart


DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – September 2010

One of Fytogreen’s first green facade installation,  a series of indoor / outdoor rooms with green facades used for smoking break out space and restaurant spaces at Crown Casino, Melbourne.  The facade is made up of 18 stands, each being 3 tiers high, located along the street level of the casino on Whiteman Street, Southbank.  Using a laser cut metal climbing frame and metal thin profile planter boxes Fytogreen designed an irrigation and drainage system to fit within the structures uprights. With a profile of only 250mm the green Ivy and Clivia plants are assisted with their growth with metal halide lights located below each tier of the planter-box.

After 3 years, the Ivy had filled out covering much of the climbing frame and the Clivia when in flower matches well the interior decorative lights.

Medibank Building, Docklands

GREEN FAÇADES   –  1,638M2


Medibank-Feb16_99 facade016 Medibank-Feb16_22 Medibank-Feb16_36 Medibank-Feb16_49  medibankP1110914 medibank-GF

MAIN CONTRACTOR –  Brookfield Multiplex

ARCHITECT  – Hassell

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – February 2014

Rising 18 levels next to Southern Cross train station this building is the first of its type in Victoria. Covered with green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens. The Medibank building will set a new benchmark on building green.  Fytogreen was contracted to provide research, develop the design and construct the green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens.

The green facades are made up of 520 planter boxes each pre built and pre grown at Fytogreen’s facility in Somerville then transported and craned into position from level 1 up to level 16. Each planter box has the dimensions of 600mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep. The bottom 1/3 of the climbing frame was attached to the planter box during pre growing and that then was attached to the rest of the climbing frame when the planter box was positioned on the building.

6 species of climbing vines were selected from our research plots, which include Trachelospernum jasminoides, Pandorea pandorana, Pandorea jasminoides, Muehlenbeckia adpressa, Muelenbeckia complexa and Hibbertia scandens. These were planted and pre grown for 3-6 months prior to installation.

The green facades will adorn 3 aspects of the Medibank Building and will need to survive challenging and wide range of conditions from level 1 up to level 16.

Williams Street, Melbourne



williams-078 350-Williams-St-Mar2015 williams_128 williams-_94 Williams-7  williams085

LOCATION – 350 Williams Street, Melbourne

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR – Contexx Construction

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT – Tract Consultants Pty Ltd

CONSTRUCT  – Fytogreen Australia


Fytogreen was selected to provide a green façade to adorn the front façade of the apartment development located at 350 Williams Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

The green facade is designed to screen the car park levels from Mezzanine to level 3 car park while providing a green aspect to the building’s front.

3 types of planters were used to accommodate the decorative ground covers and climbing vines. A total of 328 plants were used comprising 26 species made up of climbing vines and decorative native grasses.

All the planter boxes are controlled centrally using a computer control system that Fytogreen can access via the internet. Fytogreen also maintained the green façade during its first year after installation.

Platinum Apartments

GREEN FACADE   –  1,700M2


Platimun-Oct16_223 platinum-august-2016-b platinum-dec16_0206 platinum-dec16_0212 platinum-dec16_0224 platinum-dec16_0246 platinum-dec16_0256 Platinum-Growing-In_16 Platinum-Growing-In_20

LOCATION – City Road, Southbank, Melbourne CBD

CLIENT –  Salvo Property Group

ARCHITECT – Squillace

PROJECT BUILDER – Brookfield Multiplex

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – April 2016

203 planter boxes were pre-grown at Fytogreen’s nursery facility in Somerville for 9 months. The planting pallet comprised of 5 species with the aspect facing west and north.

A specially designed planter utilizing LLDPE Rotomould technology for long term sustainability to act as both a crash and fall protection barrier was designed with forklift slipper slots.

Pre-growth, V24 mesh from Tensile fitted to a powder coated frame, enable good plant establishment. A pre-growth period of 12 months or more would of been ideal to deliver the planters with their starter mesh panel at full coverage for all species.

This will be an iconic green facade for Melbourne and is spectacular in early summer when in full flower

Stonnington Offices – Fytowall & Green Facade



Stonnington-80 Stonnington-89 stonnington-0860 stonnington-0862 Stonnington-0865 Stonnington-871 Stonnington-879 Stonnington-883 Stonnington-890 Stonnington-895 Stonnington85 Stonnington0893

LOCATION – Stonnington Council Offices Glenferrie Road, Malvern

CLIENT – City of Stonnington

ARCHITECT – Williams Ross

PROJECT BUILDER – Harris HMC Interiors

DESIGN – Fytogreen & Philip Johnson

INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – October 2015

During the refurbishment of Stonnington Council Offices, Fytogreen installed a combination of 3 Fytowall breathing vertical gardens and a green façade in the internal atrium.

The effects of these stunning greenwalls / facades, that cover both sides of the 3 level atrium wall, provides a fresh al fresco feel to the building whilst providing additional benefit for the health and wellbeing of all employees.

A living, breathing green wall in an Atrium space, reduces CO2 and VOC levels while enriching the O2 levels; both the vertical garden and green facade act as an indoor air purifier, providing improved air quality for all the buildings occupants.

Ryman Health Care – Green Facade

ROOF GARDEN – 115M2    and    GREEN FACADE – 286M2

Rymans-green facade-099

Rymans-9 Rymans-GF-099 Rymans-GF107 Rymans-RG-2 Rymans1

LOCATION – Weary Dunlop Retirement Village 218-242 Jells Road, Wheelers HIll

CLIENT  – Ryman Health Care Pty Ltd

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT  – Suzanne Sullivan Landscaping Ltd.

DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – April 2014

Ryman Health Care are New Zealand’s leading aged care facility provider, the partially completed project in Wheelers Hill, is their first Australian establishment.   Fytogreen was commissioned to design and construct two roof gardens on a profile depth 540mm, situated above the car park and as well as a 286m2 green facade.

The initial garden is 66m2 and the second 49m2 was designed with raised garden beds to compliment the gardens of the Weary Dunlop Retirement Village

The green facade system masked the large retaining walls from the site cut.