Triptych Apartments – Multi Award Winning



triptych-5050 triptych-4045 Triptych-2017-3542 Triptych-N3132-01-688x800 triptych-642 triptych-316 Triptych-29  Triptych-N3132-09-1067x800

LOCATION  –  8 Kavanagh St, Southbank, Melbourne, Vic


ARCHITECT  – Nettleton Tribe Architects

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  September  2010

Fytogreen vertical garden on the external entrance façade from level 2 up to level 6 of Triptych Apartments, located in Melbourne’s Southbank.

Using a range of ground covers that are robust and tolerant to a range of weather conditions of around 20 species. Fytogreen’s focus on Ecological Sustainable vertical gardens, ensure that the vertical garden species selected and located specifically for survival for the natural life of the plants species used.

Our in house Botanist, who designed the array, has a swirling theme with the plants. Many flowering species are also used an ever changing vista is seen as the garden ages. 300mm gaps provide airflow through to 5 levels of car park behind.

Winner – Environmental Excellence,
UDIA Victoria-High Density Development Award 2012.

Winner – Residential Development of the year, Property
Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Award 2012

Star Casino Indoor Vertical Gardens


Star-Casino-Indoor-Vertical Gardens

Star-Casino-Vertical Gardens Star-Casino-Vertical Gardens 57 Star-Casino-Vertical Gardens 58

LOCATION  – Star City Casino, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW
DESIGN & INSTALL  –Fytogreen Australia
COMPLETION –  November 2015

Fytogreen installed a series of Fytowall vertical gardens along a long timber wall set above the seated dining area of the
Star City Casino in Sydney.

The 22m2 panel vertical gardens brings a lush, fresh look, framed within a timber facade.   Six different plant species were used with approximately 495 plants.  When in bloom this Fytowall will creates a vibrant burst of colour with red flowers.

Peak Apartments – Vertical Garden



Peak PEak_0674  Peak_5339  peak-3  Peak-2017  peak-Apartments peak


LOCATION – Peak Apartments 56 Bellevue Terrace, St Lucia.

DEVELOPER – HB Property Group

ARCHITECT – Base Architecture Pty Ltd

PROJECT BUILDER – Hutchinson Builders Qld

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2016

Adorning the front of this 28 apartment residential project in St Lucia is a 16 m2 Fytowall vertical garden. This tall narrow green wall is accessed for maintenance via rope access and creates a column of green for the north facing, street frontage.

Shadowing from surrounding structures played a role in plant species selection and location in this green wall planting array. Fytogreen’s botanist was careful to ensure all species will thrive in their locations to ensure Ecological Sustainability. 480 plants cover this green wall made up of 48 species to provide biodiverse ecology and an aesthetic that is multi coloured with many leaf shapes and sizes.

TH King Pavilion – Living Wall & Roof Garden


Florafelt Living Wall

th-king-62 TH-King----POW55 TH-King---RG52 TH-KING-17-03-2016-1-11-02-pm TH-King-62 TH-King-flowers TH-King-may-16-roof garden THKINGa THKINGb

CLIENT – City of Stonnington

LOCATION  – TH King Pavilion High Street, Glen Iris.

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – July 2014

Set at the entrance of a new pavilion built at TH King Reserve in Glen Iris. This multi use pavilion includes a small roof garden and also a Florafelt by Fytogreen living wall covering the amenity annex and screens off the service area.

This small extensive roof garden has a profile of 160mm with a plant design incorporating native species only.

The effect is to soften the other wise hard surface of the roof and reduce the rain water run off. The garden extends the reserve parkland area onto the building.

Both the living wall and green roof are irrigated by rainfall collected from the building roof and stored in a nearby rainwater tank.

Victory Hotel, QLD – Florafelt


Commercial Florafelt by Fytogreen Green Wall at a Hotel in Brisbane

Victory-66 Victory-68 victory-673 victory343

LOCATION – 127 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD

CLIENT – Victory Hotel

ARCHITECT – Cayas Architects

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2015

Fytogreen was commissioned to install a small vertical garden using our Florafelt System in a popular historic pub in Brisbane central business district.

Set in the covered outdoor sports bar of the Victory Hotel, the vertical garden is positioned above a roofed bar serving area. Fytogreen utilized part of the roof as a catch tray for the garden and all plants are perched high up above the patrons reach, keeping them well protected.  The design utilizes 11 different species and 18 F12 Florafelt panels; some panels sizes were customise to accommodate the lower raked edge.

Warringah Mall – Fytowall

A Touch of Green at Warringah Mall



Warringa-Mall54 Warringa-Mall-06 Warringa-Mall-38 Warringa-Mall54 cpm_ww_207-950-450 WFWM-opening-161117-PaulMcMillan-331.jpg950x450

LOCATION – Westfield Warringah Mall Condamine St & Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100

CLIENT – Scentre Group

PROJECT BUILDER – Tensile Design & Construct

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2016

The Warringah Mall at Brookvale, Sydney, recently underwent an incredible multi-million dollar transformation. To create a relaxing and leafy atmosphere, a series of striking green facades were introduced throughout the centre.

Fytogreen was commissioned to provide foliage to cover 14 individual columns throughout the new extension, each ranging in height from 8m to 14m.

Together with Tensile, development of a one-off hybrid solution was created. We suspended Fytowall vertical garden panels from 6mm diameter stainless steel cables, then wrapped them in webmesh, providing a climbing and cascading feature element.

Stonnington Offices – Fytowall & Green Facade



Stonnington-80 Stonnington-89 stonnington-0860 stonnington-0862 Stonnington-0865 Stonnington-871 Stonnington-879 Stonnington-883 Stonnington-890 Stonnington-895 Stonnington85 Stonnington0893

LOCATION – Stonnington Council Offices Glenferrie Road, Malvern

CLIENT – City of Stonnington

ARCHITECT – Williams Ross

PROJECT BUILDER – Harris HMC Interiors

DESIGN – Fytogreen & Philip Johnson

INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – October 2015

During the refurbishment of Stonnington Council Offices, Fytogreen installed a combination of 3 Fytowall breathing vertical gardens and a green façade in the internal atrium.

The effects of these stunning greenwalls / facades, that cover both sides of the 3 level atrium wall, provides a fresh al fresco feel to the building whilst providing additional benefit for the health and wellbeing of all employees.

A living, breathing green wall in an Atrium space, reduces CO2 and VOC levels while enriching the O2 levels; both the vertical garden and green facade act as an indoor air purifier, providing improved air quality for all the buildings occupants.

Sandown Park, Springvale – Fytowall



sandown_02 sandown_05 sandown_07 sandown_14 sandown_15

LOCATION –  Sandown Park Race Track, Springvale, Victoria

CLIENT –  Sandown Park

ARCHITECT – Henderson & Lodge

PROJECT BUILDER – Ducon Constructions

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – March 2015

Fytogreen designed and installed a Fytowall vertical garden that surrounds the entrance door, leading from an outdoor room with permanent roof into the bar.

Surrounded by timber fascia and plywood ceiling, this organic look is enhanced with the lush greenwall; designed using 570 plants, made up of 15 carefully selected species.

The living wall is sustained with growing lights for low light tolerant species that also thrive in Melbourne’s cool winter temperatures

Tower Four – Australia’s Tallest Indoor Greenwall



Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--01 square Growing-in-June-2016 Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--01 Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--14_EDIT Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--15 Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--16_EDIT Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--19 Tower-4-Collins-Sq_Fyto-green--20 Tower-Four Tower-Four-top

LOCATION  – Tower Four – Collins Square, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne.

DEVELOPER –  Walker Corporation

ARCHITECT  – Woods Bagot

PROJECT BUILDER – Brookfield Multiplex

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – October 2016

Collins Square is a premium A grade commercial development which has been fitted with the largest and tallest indoor green wall in the Southern Hemisphere, provided by Fytogreen Australia.  Spanning from level 7 upto level 20 of the atrium area, this living wall, used approx 13,890 plants to provide a range of benefits to the building and its occupants.


  • Aesthetic – Over 16 species were used to provide a range of colours and textures, creating an amazing, lush, vista for the offices spanning the 14 levels.


  • Improved Air Quality – Large numbers of plants in a small foot print allows the plants to reduce VOC’s, reduce CO2 levels and enrich O2 levels.


  • Reducing Indoor Air Temperature – Air passively passing the edges of the green wall modules is cooled by the water content of the living wall. This cooler air spreads to the lowest floor area and passively assists the buildings air-conditioning.


  • Reduced Noise / Echo – The plants combined with Fytogreen’s hydroponic growing media reduces sound waves, creating a natural sound absorbing surface.


  • Improving Building’s Value & Livable Space – A thriving, ecologically sustainable green wall adds to the buildings value by creating an impressive living landmark, while increasing the sensation of well being for the buildings occupants