Bolte Recreational Facility – Yarra’s Edge

Bolte Recreational Facility

Roof Garden by Fytogreen at Bolte Recreational Facility


Fytogreen were proud to be awarded Mirvac’s ‘Workplace Safety Award’ on this project.


Location  – Yarra’s Edge   Lorimer St, Port Melbourne

Client  – Ace Landscaping Service

Landscape Architect  – Oculus

Project Builder  – Mirvac

Design & Install  – Fytogreen Australia

Completion  – March 2017

Mirvac’s redevelopment of the ‘Bolte Recreational Facility’, along the Yarra’s Edge, combinds open space parkland, café and extensive turf.

Fytogreen utilized our lightweight Hydrocell 40 intensive soil system with a depth of 230mm and created a sloping grass area that extends up the edge of the Bolte Recreation building roof.

The roof slope is 8 degrees. Eureka turf was specified and supplied by Lilydale Instant Lawn.

Ryman Health Care – Roof Garden

ROOF GARDEN – 115M2    and    GREEN FACADE – 286M2

Rymans-9 Rymans-GF-099 Rymans-GF107 Rymans-RG-2 Rymans1

LOCATION – Weary Dunlop Retirement Village 218-242 Jells Road, Wheelers HIll

CLIENT  – Ryman Health Care Pty Ltd

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT  – Suzanne Sullivan Landscaping Ltd.

DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – April 2014

Ryman Health Care are New Zealand’s leading aged care facility provider, the partially completed project in Wheelers Hill, is their first Australian establishment.   Fytogreen was commissioned to design and construct two roof gardens on a profile depth 540mm, situated above the car park and as well as a 286m2 green facade.

The initial garden is 66m2 and the second 49m2 was designed with raised garden beds to compliment the gardens of the Weary Dunlop Retirement Village

The green facade system masked the large retaining walls from the site cut.

Extensive Roof Garden – Bendigo Hospital


Extensive at garden at bendigo-hospital_0134 bendigo-hospital_0115 bendigo-hospital_0138 bendigo-hospital_0137 bendigo-hospital_0134 bendigo-hospital_0131 bendigo-hospital_0130

LOCATION – New Bendigo Hospital, Crn Arnold, Drought & Hope Streets

ARCHITECT – Bates Smart

PROJECT BUILDER – Lend Lease Project Management and Construction (Australia) Pty Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  July 2016

Fytogreen was commissioned to install 10 individual extensive roof gardens, totalling 965m2, spread over 4 levels at the New Bendigo Hospital site. The planting design was completed in conjunction with Oculus to reflect the row cropping history of the region using 8,672 plants and 33 different species.

Fytogreen also installed 4,388m2 of stone ballast, spread over 5 roof levels. A combination of a white stone and tumbled grey bluestone was used to complete the design.  Fytogreen stainless steel L- profile was used to contain the ballast and green roof from the exposed box gutter and the majority of the installation was on kingspan panels.

Swanston Square – Sky Garden


Fytogreen's Sky Garden at Swanston Square Apartment Tower

Fytogreen’s Sky Garden at Swanston Square Apartment Tower

Sky-Garden-PM-(1) Sky-Garden-PM-(05) Sky-Garden-PM-(05b) Sky-Garden-PM-(17) Sky-Garden-PM-(18) Sky-Garden-PM-(43) Sky-Garden-PM-(51) Sky-Garden-PM-(56) Sky-Garden-PM-(58)

PROJECT BUILDER – Probuild Constructions

LOCATION – Swanston Square Apartment Tower, Sky Deck, Level 31 – Melbourne CBD

ARCHITECT – ARM Architecture

DESIGN / INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – December 2014

Fytogreen was commissioned to install 22 Roto mould planter boxes to create a sky garden on level 31, of the 85 metre high Grocon apartment building, at the former Carlton United Brewery site on Swanston Street.

The planter boxes were designed to ensure drainage was direct to the storm-water outlets by passing the water proof membrane, thus penetrating the membrane mesh.  A total of 12 species were used to provide a mixture of colour and form. This is currently Fytogreen’s first installation at a height of level 31 and apart from the challenges involved in access it is a resounding success.

2015CTBUHAwardFinalist_AsiaAustralasia_SwanstonSquareApartmentTower_Logo   Award Finalist “Best Tall Building: – Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

A.J. Cunningham Refurbishment


PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen

PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen

PROJECT BUILDER – Hansen Yuncken

CLIENT – University of Melbourne

LOCATION – Swanston St, Melbourne

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT – Glas Urban Landscape Architects

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – September 2014

Fytogreen designed and installed a series of 25 pre assembled and grown planter boxes (each 1.2m wide x 1.2m long x 300mm deep) to enhance the refurbishment at Melbourne University.

Each planter box was pre-grown at Fytogreen in Somerville, then transported and craned into location, and connected to a drainage and water source.

St Bernards College – Melbourne – Roof Garden & Fytowall



St-Bernards-RG  St-Bernards-VG  St-Bernards2-RG

LOCATION  – St. Bernard’s College, 41 Rosehill Road, Essendon.

CLIENT –  St. Bernard’s College

ARCHITECT  – Smith + Tracey Architects


DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – March 2016

Fytogreen was commissioned to install a vertical and roof garden at a Christian College in Melbourne.

The outdoor Fytowall stands 5.5m high set in a narrow courtyard which is over looked by the rooftop garden area. The green wall design consists of 360 plants with a combination of 27 different species.

With over 800 plants, and a design pallet of 22 different species, the roof top garden utilizes the roof-space to create a fabulous outdoor area for the students to enjoy.

Green Roof at South East Water



 SE-Water-860 SE-Water-929 SEWater-130632 SE-Water-,-11-00-29 SE-Water-11-01-15SE-Water-0789

LOCATION  – 101 Wells Street, Frankston, VIC

CLIENT  – South East Water



DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – September 2015

Completing works on the new South East Water headquarter building, Fytogreen installed the green roof on Level W1, the full shade eastern garden on the ground floor, and the tiered entrance garden which follows the building’s escalator up 4 levels which contains trees up to 5m high at planting time.

Due to all areas being in a complete rain shadow, Fytogreen refined a suitable species list for the roof gardens. This rain shadow aspect meant that the irrigation design had to be very robust and supported by a flow rate monitored alarm system.

With the gardens all under the roof line, standard cranes could not be used for moving material easily to the respective areas. This required material to be placed where possible by Franna crane horizontally and the bulk of the material was blown in by We-Blow.

2017  –  AIA Victorian Chapter – Allan and Beth Coldicutt Award for Sustainable Architecture
2016  –  Corian Design Awards Project Winner

North Bondi Amenities Block



SamCrawfordNorthBondi_Amenities_007557 SamCrawfordNorthBondi_Amenities_007468 SamCrawfordNorthBondi_Amenities_007408

LOCATION – North Bondi, NSW

CLIENT – Waverley Council

ARCHITECT – Sam Crawford Architects

PROJECT BUILDER – Grindley Interiors Pty Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – March 2016

Waverley Council’s engaged Sam Crawford Architects to redesign North Bondi amenities block that adjoins a Sydney Water Pump House. The renovation incorporated a new roof garden to compliment the updated structure, installed and designed by Fytogreen Australia.

The green roof has varied depths from 150mm to 260mm to create some localized contours.

Using planting pallet including coastal sedges, grasses and ground covers, a total of 9 different species and 702 plants were used covering the 90m2 roof area.

Click to view the “Roof Garden Journey – Concept to Delivery” which follows the roof garden journey of this North Bondi Amenities Block

Medibank Building – Docklands (Roof Garden)



roof009  medibank-feb16_90  facade016  madibankb

LOCATION  – Medibank Building, 720 Bourke Street, Melbourne

MAIN CONTRACTOR  – Brookfield Multiplex


DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – February – June 2014

A series of 16 roof garden areas on the west, north and east facing facades of the 18 level building at 720 Bourke Street, Docklands.

Starting on level 2 these roof gardens are scattered over most levels up to level 16 of the building. Ranging in size from 9m2 up to 400m2 with a profile of 600mm depth profile to accommodate ground covers and advanced trees.

All these gardens will need to tolerate high winds and challenging temperatures.

Fytogreen also provided 520 pre-grown green facade planters and 400m2 of vertical gardens on the medibank building.