Pre-Grown Green Facade – Parque Apartments

Pre-Grown Green Facade  – 76M2

The green facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

The pre-grown green facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

Parque-Apartments-install Parque-Apartments-3mths  Parque-Apartments-6mths  Parque-Apartments-9mths

LOCATION  –  Parque Apartments, 555 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

DEVELOPER –  Hickory


DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  September 2016

Four pre grown green facade planter modules were installed at Parque Apartments, a Hickory development on a heritage listed, upmarket residential development on St Kilda Road.

The facade units were craned into position on level 8 of the apartment block, providing an impressive green element overlooking the pool deck.

These images show the range of facade growth from installation, 1.5 meters pre-grown at Fytogreens nursery, to its current height of approximately 7 metres.  The facade will reach a full height of 8 meters at maturity.

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Triptych Apartments – Multi Award Winning



triptych-5050 triptych-4045 Triptych-2017-3542 Triptych-N3132-01-688x800 triptych-642 triptych-316 Triptych-29  Triptych-N3132-09-1067x800

LOCATION  –  8 Kavanagh St, Southbank, Melbourne, Vic


ARCHITECT  – Nettleton Tribe Architects

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  September  2010

Fytogreen vertical garden on the external entrance façade from level 2 up to level 6 of Triptych Apartments, located in Melbourne’s Southbank.

Using a range of ground covers that are robust and tolerant to a range of weather conditions of around 20 species. Fytogreen’s focus on Ecological Sustainable vertical gardens, ensure that the vertical garden species selected and located specifically for survival for the natural life of the plants species used.

Our in house Botanist, who designed the array, has a swirling theme with the plants. Many flowering species are also used an ever changing vista is seen as the garden ages. 300mm gaps provide airflow through to 5 levels of car park behind.

Winner – Environmental Excellence,
UDIA Victoria-High Density Development Award 2012.

Winner – Residential Development of the year, Property
Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Award 2012

Ryman Health Care – Roof Garden

ROOF GARDEN – 115M2    and    GREEN FACADE – 286M2

Rymans-9 Rymans-GF-099 Rymans-GF107 Rymans-RG-2 Rymans1

LOCATION – Weary Dunlop Retirement Village 218-242 Jells Road, Wheelers HIll

CLIENT  – Ryman Health Care Pty Ltd

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT  – Suzanne Sullivan Landscaping Ltd.

DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – April 2014

Ryman Health Care are New Zealand’s leading aged care facility provider, the partially completed project in Wheelers Hill, is their first Australian establishment.   Fytogreen was commissioned to design and construct two roof gardens on a profile depth 540mm, situated above the car park and as well as a 286m2 green facade.

The initial garden is 66m2 and the second 49m2 was designed with raised garden beds to compliment the gardens of the Weary Dunlop Retirement Village

The green facade system masked the large retaining walls from the site cut.

Extensive Roof Garden – Bendigo Hospital


Extensive at garden at bendigo-hospital_0134 bendigo-hospital_0115 bendigo-hospital_0138 bendigo-hospital_0137 bendigo-hospital_0134 bendigo-hospital_0131 bendigo-hospital_0130

LOCATION – New Bendigo Hospital, Crn Arnold, Drought & Hope Streets

ARCHITECT – Bates Smart

PROJECT BUILDER – Lend Lease Project Management and Construction (Australia) Pty Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  July 2016

Fytogreen was commissioned to install 10 individual extensive roof gardens, totalling 965m2, spread over 4 levels at the New Bendigo Hospital site. The planting design was completed in conjunction with Oculus to reflect the row cropping history of the region using 8,672 plants and 33 different species.

Fytogreen also installed 4,388m2 of stone ballast, spread over 5 roof levels. A combination of a white stone and tumbled grey bluestone was used to complete the design.  Fytogreen stainless steel L- profile was used to contain the ballast and green roof from the exposed box gutter and the majority of the installation was on kingspan panels.

Dandenong Markets



dandenong-markets-36 dandenong-markets731 dandenong-markets0733 dandenong-markets737 Dandenong-Markets738

CLIENT – Dandenong Markets

ARCHITECT – Urban Edge Landscape Architects

DESIGN & PLANTS SUPPLIED – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – September 2014

Urban Edge Landscape Architects have worked with Fytogreen to supply a series of mobile planter boxes for the Dandenong Markets covered section.

This is a continuation of a previous series of planter boxes utilizing Fytogreen’s unique Hydrocell Media.

Blue Cross Aged Care – Planter Boxes

88 Planter Boxes

blue-cross FYTOGREEN 15

Planter Boxes by Fytogreen Australia

blue-cross FYTOGREEN 15 blue-cross FYTOGREEN 17 Blue-Cross FYTOGREEN 118 blue-cross FYTOGREEN 120 Blue-Cross-A blue-cross-FYTOGREEN 114  blue-cross-FYTOGREEN 19  blue-cross-FYTOGREEN 062  Blue-Cross-FYTOGREEN OCT15-392


CLIENT – Blue Cross Aged Care

LOCATION – Livingstone Road, Vermont South


DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – March 2015

Fytogreen was engaged to create a green decorative element designed to soften the industrial look of the atrium entrance in the Aged Care facility at Vermont South.

Fytogreen used a series of molded planter boxes, planted with Epipremnum Aureum, to climb both the 4 level glass elevator towers in the entrance of the building.  The boxes are mounted on a supporting frame and all individually plumbed with their own water source and drainage.

Epipremnum Aureum are a lower light tolerant species, which were specially selected so they can be sustained by the natural Light levels from the front entrance windows.

A.J. Cunningham Refurbishment


PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen

PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen PLanter Boxes at Melbourne Uni by Fytogreen

PROJECT BUILDER – Hansen Yuncken

CLIENT – University of Melbourne

LOCATION – Swanston St, Melbourne

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT – Glas Urban Landscape Architects

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION  – September 2014

Fytogreen designed and installed a series of 25 pre assembled and grown planter boxes (each 1.2m wide x 1.2m long x 300mm deep) to enhance the refurbishment at Melbourne University.

Each planter box was pre-grown at Fytogreen in Somerville, then transported and craned into location, and connected to a drainage and water source.

Private Residence – Abbotsford



Abbotsford-RG34 Abbotsford-RG-31

LOCATION – Abbottsford, VIC

CLIENT – Eleanor Taylor

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia


Fytogreen was commissioned to design and construct an extensive roof garden on a private home in Charles Street, Abbottsford.

The north facing garden was built on the first floor to provide a relaxing vista from the master bedroom window.

The 24.7m2 roof garden comprises of 4 main species and approximately 200 plants, that created an attractive, colourful outlook with low maintenance requirements.