TH King Pavilion – Living Wall & Roof Garden


Florafelt Living Wall

th-king-62 TH-King----POW55 TH-King---RG52 TH-KING-17-03-2016-1-11-02-pm TH-King-62 TH-King-flowers TH-King-may-16-roof garden THKINGa THKINGb

CLIENT – City of Stonnington

LOCATION  – TH King Pavilion High Street, Glen Iris.

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – July 2014

Set at the entrance of a new pavilion built at TH King Reserve in Glen Iris. This multi use pavilion includes a small roof garden and also a Florafelt by Fytogreen living wall covering the amenity annex and screens off the service area.

This small extensive roof garden has a profile of 160mm with a plant design incorporating native species only.

The effect is to soften the other wise hard surface of the roof and reduce the rain water run off. The garden extends the reserve parkland area onto the building.

Both the living wall and green roof are irrigated by rainfall collected from the building roof and stored in a nearby rainwater tank.

Roof Garden – Westbury Street

Green Roof on a 1950’s Apartment Block  –  646M2


The Roof Garden is growing strong and is now a fabulous usable space for the residents of Westbury Street

 westbury-planting westbury-drainage-cell westbury-PLANTS westbury-erik westbury-st-301 WESTBURY41 westbury-b WESTBURY-LAWN89 westbury westbury-web-303 westbury-web  westbury-d 

LOCATION  – Private Residence, 38 Westbury Street, St Kilda East

CLIENT – Bedlam Pictures

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – August 2015

Fytogreen was contracted for the retrofitting of a roof garden on a 1950’s apartment block in St Kilda East.

The residents of the apartment block applied for a council grant to redesign their apartment complex roof top into a functional and enjoyable garden space. The design incorporated 50m2 grassed area & a lillydale topping pathway of 52m2.

Details of the full journey can be read at

“ Life is good on the roof and the community is coming together to look after this gift.
We now have tables and seats and plants that wave to us in the wind.”
– Residents of Westbury St.

westbury-award, roof garden
WINNER at the 2016 Premier’s Sustainability Awards… “Built Environment – Green Roof in the City”

Medibank Building, Docklands

GREEN FAÇADES   –  1,638M2


Medibank-Feb16_99 facade016 Medibank-Feb16_22 Medibank-Feb16_36 Medibank-Feb16_49  medibankP1110914 medibank-GF

MAIN CONTRACTOR –  Brookfield Multiplex

ARCHITECT  – Hassell

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – February 2014

Rising 18 levels next to Southern Cross train station this building is the first of its type in Victoria. Covered with green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens. The Medibank building will set a new benchmark on building green.  Fytogreen was contracted to provide research, develop the design and construct the green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens.

The green facades are made up of 520 planter boxes each pre built and pre grown at Fytogreen’s facility in Somerville then transported and craned into position from level 1 up to level 16. Each planter box has the dimensions of 600mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep. The bottom 1/3 of the climbing frame was attached to the planter box during pre growing and that then was attached to the rest of the climbing frame when the planter box was positioned on the building.

6 species of climbing vines were selected from our research plots, which include Trachelospernum jasminoides, Pandorea pandorana, Pandorea jasminoides, Muehlenbeckia adpressa, Muelenbeckia complexa and Hibbertia scandens. These were planted and pre grown for 3-6 months prior to installation.

The green facades will adorn 3 aspects of the Medibank Building and will need to survive challenging and wide range of conditions from level 1 up to level 16.

Trafficable Turf – Private Residence



irving grass-view

LOCATION – Irving Road, Toorak, Vic

CLIENT  – Private Residence

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia


An Extensive profile to support trafficable turf of Tall Fescue.

Fytogreen combined our extensive roof garden profile media, modified with structured soil components to provide a great solution for a private residence in Toorak.

Accommodating a restriction of only 175mm (maximum) set down to plant Tall Fescue turf to enhance the rear of the home and create a trafficable turf area for recreation.

During the summer months, the turf requires regular irrigation and the lush lawn is able to withstand normal residential foot traffic and the occasional party.

St Collins Lane – Planter Boxes



st-collins-lane-c st-collins-lane-e image264

LOCATION –  St Collins Lane, 260 Collins St, Melbourne CBD


PROJECT BUILDER  – Built Vic Pty Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – April 2016

Installed in April 2016, a series of planter boxes designed as a screening for a restaurant on Collins Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

23 stainless steel planter boxes, and 90 plants were used with a combination of Hedera Helix; an evergreen climbing vine with glossy leaves, and Aspidistra Elatior; an easy care plant providing the boxes with a pop of colour.

Adelaide Zoo – Curved FytoWall & Roof Garden



enterance-84 curved-wall-sun-setting


LOCATION  – Adelaide Zoo – New Giant Panda Enclosure, New Entrance & Conference Facility


ARCHITECT  – Hassell Pty Ltd


DESIGN –  Jeff Lugg & Brendon Pike (ZoosSA)

INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia


This project comprises of…   2 very small extensive roof gardens, 1 intensive roof garden and1 curved vertical garden

The vertical garden is featured on a wall at the entrance area of the new Panda viewing arena. It is south facing using native grasses on a curved recessed wall, that bends nearly 90 degrees to the café wall.

The new conference facility located above the new entrance the zoo overlooks an intensive roof garden. The fringing plants over hang linking it to the vertical garden on the entrance wall. This roof garden also fringes the entire length of the facility with plants. The main garden area features ground covers and a range of native advanced trees.

This area is currently used by Entomologists from the local University for studies of Biodiversity migration in urban park areas.