Peak Apartments – Vertical Garden



Peak PEak_0674  Peak_5339  peak-3  Peak-2017  peak-Apartments peak


LOCATION – Peak Apartments 56 Bellevue Terrace, St Lucia.

DEVELOPER – HB Property Group

ARCHITECT – Base Architecture Pty Ltd

PROJECT BUILDER – Hutchinson Builders Qld

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2016

Adorning the front of this 28 apartment residential project in St Lucia is a 16 m2 Fytowall vertical garden. This tall narrow green wall is accessed for maintenance via rope access and creates a column of green for the north facing, street frontage.

Shadowing from surrounding structures played a role in plant species selection and location in this green wall planting array. Fytogreen’s botanist was careful to ensure all species will thrive in their locations to ensure Ecological Sustainability. 480 plants cover this green wall made up of 48 species to provide biodiverse ecology and an aesthetic that is multi coloured with many leaf shapes and sizes.

Medibank Building, Docklands

GREEN FAÇADES   –  1,638M2


Medibank-Feb16_99 facade016 Medibank-Feb16_22 Medibank-Feb16_36 Medibank-Feb16_49  medibankP1110914 medibank-GF

MAIN CONTRACTOR –  Brookfield Multiplex

ARCHITECT  – Hassell

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – February 2014

Rising 18 levels next to Southern Cross train station this building is the first of its type in Victoria. Covered with green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens. The Medibank building will set a new benchmark on building green.  Fytogreen was contracted to provide research, develop the design and construct the green facades, green roofs and vertical gardens.

The green facades are made up of 520 planter boxes each pre built and pre grown at Fytogreen’s facility in Somerville then transported and craned into position from level 1 up to level 16. Each planter box has the dimensions of 600mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep. The bottom 1/3 of the climbing frame was attached to the planter box during pre growing and that then was attached to the rest of the climbing frame when the planter box was positioned on the building.

6 species of climbing vines were selected from our research plots, which include Trachelospernum jasminoides, Pandorea pandorana, Pandorea jasminoides, Muehlenbeckia adpressa, Muelenbeckia complexa and Hibbertia scandens. These were planted and pre grown for 3-6 months prior to installation.

The green facades will adorn 3 aspects of the Medibank Building and will need to survive challenging and wide range of conditions from level 1 up to level 16.

TH King Pavilion – Green Wall & Roof Garden


th-king-roof garden

th-king-62 TH-King----POW55 TH-King---RG52 TH-KING-17-03-2016-1-11-02-pm TH-King-62 TH-King-flowers TH-King-may-16-roof garden THKINGa THKINGb


CLIENT – City of Stonnington

LOCATION  – TH King Pavilion High Street, Glen Iris.

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – July 2014

Set at the entrance of a new pavilion built at TH King Reserve in Glen Iris. This multi use pavilion includes a small roof garden and also a Florafelt by Fytogreen greenwall covering the amenity annex and screens off the service area.

This small extensive roof garden has a profile of 160mm with a plant design incorporating native species only.

The effect is to soften the other wise hard surface of the roof and reduce the rain water run off. The garden extends the reserve parkland area onto the building.

Both the living wall and green roof are irrigated by rainfall collected from the building roof and stored in a nearby rainwater tank.

Collins Place – Column Fytowall



collins-before collins640 collins641 collins648


LOCATION  – Collins Place (food court) 35 Collins Street, Melbourne

PROJECT BUILDER  – Buildcorp Interiors

CLIENT – Thinc


DESIGN & INSTALL  –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – February 2015

Fytogreen continues to innovate!

Providing a solution for the re-developemnt of the ANZ Collins Place food court – Fytogreen successfully brought stunning greenery into the food court space without compromising on seating capacity.

8 seperate totems poles varying in height from 3m to 5m, all pre-grown off site in Somerville & then installed over a 2 night installation period.

A total of 1320 plants, with 18 different species used on the project, the thriving result was achieved in collaboration with SJB Interiors and Thinc

Private Residence, Middle Park – Fytowall



canterbury-114-12 canterbury-114-711

LOCATION – Canterbury Road, Middle Park

CLIENT – Private Residence

ARCHITECT – b.e Architects

PROJECT BUILDER – Beaton Projects Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2014

With the help of B.e Architects, the owners of this traditional Victorian home recreated its beautiful design, with traditional decorations from the by-gone era combined together with modern functionality.

The outdoor courtyard, opening from the modern kitchen / living area, is home to a fully shaded, towering vertical garden. The greenwall is completely surrounded by the building, so an assortment of over 420 low light tolerant plants were used from a selection of 28 species.

The owners loves the cool air, that is passively generated by the green wall, that bellows into the kitchen/living room during the heat of summer.

“ The energy efficiency is fabulous, by using the air thats cooled by the greenwall means we don’t need to turn the air conditioning on, we simply slide open the glass door in the kitchen. ”

This cooled air has also been reduced in CO2 and VOC’s and enriched in O2 by the green wall’s plants photosynthesis. So not only has the air been passively cooled, the air quality has also been improved.

Bligh St, Sydney – Fytowall




LOCATION – 1 Bligh Street, Sydney CBD, NSW

BUILDING OWNER – Dexus Property Group


ARCHITECT – Ingenhoven Architekten and Architectus  

DESIGNER – Fytogreen Australia


“Beautiful, bold and brilliantly green” is the way this next generation sustainable office building is described.This 27-level tower at 1 Bligh Street is Sydney’s first 6-Star Green Star Office Design V2 Certified building ch promises to provide a new benchmark in sustainable design.

Fytogreen created a 377 square meter green wall which calls for shade and wind tolerant plant species specified by the architect to be “uniform green”, with “simplicity rather than celebration” as its theme.The 40 meter long green wall presents its own site challenges due to its solar orientation. A research and development program will support the on-going sustainability of this special project, to nurture and investigate suitable plant species for the on-going maintenance of the green wall.

Private Residence – Balwyn – Florafelt




LOCATION –  Private Residence Balwyn, Victoria

CLIENT –  Anne Kelso

DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION –  June 2015

A Florafelt project designed, pre-grown and installed by Fytogreen for native plant enthusiast, Anne Kelso located in Balwyn, Victoria.

Fytogreen used 10 Florafelt F12 modules and 4 Florafelt F4 modules to create this lush wall. The host fence is mostly shaded and faces the living room, creating a beautiful vista from the heart of the home.

This green wall boasts numerous textures created by using 27 species of native ferns, grasses, dwarf trees and ground covers over the 5.6m x 1.2 metre outdoor wall.

Anne, the owner, is a member of the local ‘Native Plant Society’ and proudly shows the green wall to her fellow Native Plants Society colleagues. Anne undertakes all the maintenance herself and the above photos shows the growth 10 months after installation.

Abode 318 – Fytowall



abode-b abode-feb2015

LOCATION  – 302-320 Russell Street Melbourne

CLIENT  – PDG Schiavello

ARCHITECT  – Disegno


DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – December 2014

Abode 318 boasts high quality and livable residential apartments in a Melbourne CBD location. With finishes second-to-none, Architect PDG Schiavello reflected the contemporary architecture with lush green spaces.

The 9th floor has a large entertaining area which is framed with a 20m2 Fytogreen Fytowall vertical garden. Using approximately 600 indoor plants, this wall has metal halide lights to sustain the plants, creating a divine ‘outdoor entertainment area feel’ while still being within the comfort the building.

Botanica Apartments – Fytowall

Outdoor and Indoor Vertical Gardens – 318m2


aria-67 aria-746 aria-indoor744 aria-night-876

LOCATION   –   2 Edmondstone Street, Sth Brisbane

CLIENT   –  Aria Property Group

ARCHITECT   –   Rothe Lowman White Architects

PROJECT BUILDER   –   PBS Building Pty Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL   –   Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION   –   September 2015

Fytogreen Australia has recently completed 3 stunning vertical gardens at The Botanica Apartments in South Brisbane. Fytogreen installed 2 outdoor walls on the street frontage of the apartments. The first screens the car park façade, starting at 4m above the driveway entrance, ascending to 20m above the street level. The 2nd outdoor greenwall is located on the west end of the south facing street front. The third vertical garden is indoors. Located in the main entrance, at street level, complimenting the interior design of the entrance foyer. Created with a sub tropical plant palette, 54 species have been used with 9650 plants.