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LOOK at how healthy and green our wall garden is! Installation and ongoing maintenance are done by @fytogreen_australia

The vertical garden is installed at the Cubo Penthouse, located in Richmond.

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2021 - CTBUH 2021 Innovation Award - WINNER - Award of Excellence

A word from Aspect Studio....Platinum Tower’s Green Façade in Southbank, Melbourne has won an Innovation award in the 2021 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat - CTBUH awards program. CTBUH’s Innovation Award recognises a break through in technology and design for a specific part of a tall building and this recognition highlights our efforts in creating sustainable environments that enhance the cities we live in.

It took a concerted effort working closely with Fytogreen and Tensile Australia to create a green façade that spans between levels 2 to 10 of the tower. The vertical garden wraps around the podium and provides a natural ventilation system for the car park within.

The installation of the green façade involved the development of a pre-grown system that acts as a trellis, fall protection and a vehicular barrier whilst also allowing the plants to grow off site for nine months, enabling the five species of climbers to provide 50% coverage on the first day on site.

Congratulations to our collaborators Fytogreen Australia Pty Ltd, Tensile Design & Construct, as well as Multiplex and Squillace Architects who are all integral to the towers success.

Photography: Andrew Lloyd

Fytogreens floating wetlands ( sometimes called floating gardens) are designed to vegetate ponds, waterways, dams, quarries and waterbodies requiring either an aesthetic treatment, habitat production or water processing/rehabilitation to reduce pollutants.
The floating garden / floating wetland modules are an effective and sustainable technology to improve water conditions.

PICTURED: Woodlands Park, Moonee Valley, VIC
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It's great to see a Fytogreen Roof Garden Project "Bendigo Hospital" showcased on a WORLDWIDE TOP 10 List for green roof and green wall Trends.
It is an hour long feature - but well worth the time if you have it spare.... if you would like to jump directly to Bendigo Hospital its featured at 20.06.

Check it out at

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This is what a well maintained, sustainable green wall looks like - Illumina Apartments in Toowong, Qld .

A 51m2 Fytowall installed in February 2018 and maintained by our specialized maintenance department - 3 years on and the green wall is thriving - Simply Stunning !

Visit to learn more about this project.

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This lush South East Queensland coastal residence, with rooftop and vertical gardens by Fytogreen, is an excellent example of Biophilia and sustainable architecture that truly compliments the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape.
384lm of Fytogreen FytoArbour system at 60 Martin PLace Sydney
Hanging Gardens, Hanging Planter Boxes by Fytogreen

Greening the Built Environment

Over the past 17 years, Fytogreen has become the industry leader and innovator in horticultural technologies.  Fytogreen supplies, installs and maintains both commercial and residential projects and is the largest supplier to the roof garden industry in Australia.   The company also has a dedicated research division that continuously develops new greening systems to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Fytogreen have a proven track record of success with more than 300 successful vertical garden projects, encompassing over 7,000m2 of living walls within Australia and around the world.

We offers a unique capability to design bespoke greening solutions. Working collaboratively with clients, architects, landscape architects and consultant project teams, the company leverages its extensive technical know-how to deliver extensive, sustainable solutions to fit any project vision.

Fytogreen have the widest range of greening solutions on the market, offering multi-dimensional systems for both commercial and residential applications that increase the diversity, quantity and density of biophilic design and the industry know-how to create brand new solutions if required.

Fytogreen also provide a specialist elevated horticultural maintenance service utilising specific inhouse technology that is incomparable to general or indoor garden maintenance.   This comprehensive offering – which includes irrigation and fertigation monitoring, plant care and all other aspects of vertical garden maintenance – ensures Fytogreen’s unique garden systems remain vibrant, healthy and sustainable for many years.

We are passionate horticulturists who can provide a BESPOKE sustainable solution for your greening project.

Fytogreen is at the cutting-edge in our field, from green walls, rooftop gardens, green facades, planter boxes to floating gardens.

Visit our project gallery to see more of our inspiring case studies.

Fytogreen also provide green walls and roof gardens for residential properties.


"A Botanical Approach to Urban Greening"

Within this blog Erik, Fytogreen's in house Botanist explores the in depth requirements and expertise necessary to provide sustainable greening for 2020 and beyond.

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Fytogreen are the industry leaders in providing sustainable, living green walls.



Inspiring living roofs for healthy, ecologically responsible buildings.



Beautiful external and internal green facades created with web or square mesh, cables or planter box units.



Ideal for internal atriums, outdoor commercial applications, office space, carpark barriers or and shopping centres.


A self-contained hydroponic module system that can be suspended or mounted above the ground.



 A sustainable filtering system, assists in algae control, reduces evaporation and provides a safe habitat for wildlife .



A superior quality, DIY vertical garden pocket system ideal for the home horticulturist enthusiast.



Save water and improve plant growth and establishment rates with Fytogreen’s Hydrocell products.