FytoArbour Indoor Atrium

location – 150 Oxford Street, Collingwood

clientAcademy of Design

architectGray Puksand

project builderRenascent

design & install – Fytogreen Australia

maintenance Fytogreen Australia

completion – February 2018

In February 2018, Fytogreen completed one of their first FytoArbour installations at the Academy of Design, a creative education institution located at 150 Oxford Street, Collingwood.

The project involved designing and installing 33 linear metres of FytoArbour, with 15 different plant species and 112 plants in total. The FytoArbour was integrated with the architectural design of the building, which was done by Gray Puksand, and the construction was managed by Renascent. Fytogreen also provides ongoing maintenance for the FytoArbour to ensure its health and beauty.


The FytoArbour installation at the Academy of Design provides multiple benefits for the students, staff, and visitors of the institution. Some of these benefits are:

  • Aesthetic appeal: The FytoArbour adds a natural and vibrant element to the interior space, creating a contrast with the urban surroundings and enhancing the visual appeal of the building. The FytoArbour also complements the creative and artistic atmosphere of the Academy of Design, reflecting its values and vision.
  • Air quality improvement: The FytoArbour plants absorb and filter pollutants from the air, improving the indoor air quality and reducing the need for mechanical ventilation. This can have positive effects on the health and well-being of the occupants, as well as reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the building.
  • Acoustic enhancement: The FytoArbour plants act as natural sound absorbers, reducing the noise levels and reverberation in the indoor space. This can create a more comfortable and productive environment for learning, teaching, and working, as well as improving the privacy and confidentiality of the conversations

 33lm INDOOR FYTOARBOUR    .    15 x SPECIES   .    112 x PLANTS