Architectural Planter Boxes

Fytogreens planter box range offers incredible flexibility in design and installation; they can act as a liner or an independent structural element, with wicking or plumbed options available .

Flexibility is key with the ability to create, cut, adjust or re-weld the standard planter box sizes to fit BESPOKE requirements.


• Powder coated Aluminum planter boxes

• GRC Planters



• LLPDE planter boxes


Fytogreen guides the project through design development, project management, supply, planting, & on-going maintenance.

Fytogreen provide outstanding, sustainable greening solutions for the built environment with numerous options to suit most project requirement.  If you require a unique and tailored solution,  Fytogreen's innovative approach can provide BESPOKE solutions to fit your vision.


Powder Coated Aluminum Planter Boxes

Fytogreen has developed an Aluminum planter range that focuses in bespoke sizes.
Flexibility of use either a liner or a stand alone powder coated planter that meets the current fire compliance code.

Key Benefits

• Strong and Lightweight

• AS 1530.1 fire compliance

• Bespoke sizes available


GRC Planter Range from Satu Bumi

Fytogreens range of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), supplied by Satu Bumi, provide clients with a superior quality GRC planter ideal for high quality precast concrete planters projects.

Thinner & Lighter - GRC is essentially concrete but differs through the addition of alkaline resistant glass fibres that provide significant additional flexural and tensile strength. Planters can be made significantly thinner than traditional cast concrete planters with the same or greater strength.

Durable & Versatile  - Resistance to weather, water permeability, chemicals and fire. Glassfibre reinforced concrete does not readily burn or emit smoke when exposed to fire which makes GRC particularly suitable for high-rise buildings where fire performance requirements are critical.    GRC Offers an unrivalled versatility;
it can reproduce almost any small or large product design and can be finished in a wide variety of textures and colours.


Key Benefits

• Fire Compliant to  AS1530.1

• Lifting  Lugs Certificated to 500kg

• Innovative H-Shape Design Featuring Hidden Drainage Voids

• Multitude of Colours

• Standard & Bespoke Sizes Available


planter box wicking
treed planter wicking

Wicking Planter Boxes

Consistent moisture is key, and in hot, windy, elevated locations, it can be a challenge. Fytogreen have created simple solution, self-watering or ‘wicking’ planter boxes, where a reservoir of water is contained in the base. The soil acts as a ‘wick’ drawing the water up into the root zone of the plants ensuring moisture is available, whenever they need it.

Wicking planter boxes are a unique and increasingly popular way to have commercial trees and plants without the hassle of daily watering. Our self-contained planter boxes with built-in reservoirs supply water from the bottom up.

The wick works through capillary action – When one end of the wick is saturated and the other end is dry, it creates a moisture gradient. As the plants use the moisture in the soil,the moisture gradient drives moisture through the wick into the soil.


Key Benefits

• Self Watering and Water efficient

• No drainage outlet required

• Large Species Range


Pot in Pot

Fytogreen’s pot-in-pot technique is a great way to make caring for the office plant as easy as pot in, pot out! This technique allows Fytogreen to develop easy greening, by allowing the maintenance team to change out plants throughout the year and provide the availability of different plants from one year to the next as it only requires lifting out a pot and putting in a new one.


Key Benefits

• Have better control over temperature, fertilizer, and water.

• Keep blooms going all year by changing plants.

• Can switch out plants instead of installing grow lights.

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LLDPE Planter Boxes

Fytogreen’s range of Linear Low Density Polyethylene planter boxes provide a UV stable, flexible container for architectural greening.

Supplied by Melbourne Rotomould, known for their extensive expertise with complex industrial installations and fabrications, plastic products and components for innumerable industries from biomedical through to agricultural.  Their products are manufactured locally to meet high Australian standards and they are committed to purchasing Australian made inputs wherever possible.

By choosing Fytogreen and Melbourne Rotomould, you are not only choosing world class products, you are supporting local jobs and our local economy.


Key Benefits

  • UV stable with flexibility in design and installation.
  • Use as a liner or an independent structural element.
  • Drainage can be plumbed and bypass the requirement for a waterproof membrane.

Fytogreen provide custom planter boxes suitable for nearly any indoor or outdoor application. 

Our bespoke range, technical knowledge and extensive species range ensures that we can provide innovative, sustainable solutions to support your design vision.

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