LOCATION  – Elizabeth Bay, Syndey, NSW

CLIENT  – City of Sydney

ARCHITECT  – Sam Crawford Architects


DESIGN & INSTALL –  Fytogreen Australia


Beare Park on Sydney harbour is a scenic local park with a heritage background.

As part of the landscape regeneration of the park, Sydney City Council required that the amenities block set against a rock face on the south east corner of the park be beautified.

The aim was to make the building more sympathetic and attuned to the local landscape whilst retaining the existing structure.

The team transformed the 46m2 concrete slab roof into a stunning extensive roof garden mounded to semi-extensive in areas to accommodate deeper plantings.

The garden profile depth is generally a 120mm with mounding to 250mm, from waterproof membrane to the top of the stone mulch, comprising the Fytogreen proprietary extensive lightweight roof garden system. The planting is a showcase of succulent varieties.

The amenities block was transformed into a stunning extensive roof garden, attuned to the local landscape.