Fytogreen are known as an industry leader in Australia, and are proud to share our expertise and our proven Florafelt green wall system in a recent overseas install for Fiji Airways.

Location - Fiji Airway Lounge, Fiji International Airport

Client - Fiji Airways

Architects - AAPiDesign

Design and Install - Fytogreen Australia

Completion - October 2017

Fytogreen were contracted to install our Florafelt system in the Airport departure lounge at Fiji Airways, which is a known and trusted system through Australia.   “It is great to be known as the industry leading here in Australia, but to be recognised and contacted by organizations across the world for your knowledge and expertise in green walls is a great accomplishment for Fytogreen.”

The indoor green wall was installed by our team in October 2017, providing a beautiful result and a very satisfied customer.

Hello Geoff,

The green wall seems to be thriving and has been receiving great feedback.
Thank you again for all the effort that Andrew, yourself and your team had put into it.

– Manager Product Developer, Fiji Airways