58.8m2 Florafelt Vertical Garden fixed onto Gates & Fence at Flinders Parade, North Lakes An unique Florafelt installation showcasing how versatile and innovative Florafelt can be.

Location  - 50 Flinders Parade, North Lakes

Client  - Glamco

Project Builder  - Wales Consolidated

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Completion  - July 2017

Fytogreen installed 5 Florafelt vertical gardens incorporating 2 gardens on the large double gates and adjoining front fence creating an amazing entrance to the new Glamco superstore at Flinders Parade, North Lakes, Queensland.

Designed so the gated green walls open behind the fixed green walls, Fytogreen designed this lush entrance with over 980 plants.

Fytogreen further installed an internal green wall containing over 330 plants, with 18 different species which is supported by growing lights.