Location  - Flinders, Vic

Architect - Kennedy Nolan

Landscape Architect  - Amanda OIiver Gardens

Project Builder / Client  - Gaffcon

Supply & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance  - Property Owners

Photography  - Derek Swalwell

Completion  - June 2020

This stunning Flinders roof garden is Built to withstand the harsh coastal climate, a serene 200m2 extensive roof garden provides an awe-inspiring entrance.

Installed by Fytogreen in June 2020 this 200m2 green roof has a 160mm profile depth, planted with 4 different species and is home to 1,395 plants.


The project has been featured on "The Local Project".
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Dynamic and Responsive – Always by Kennedy Nolan
Conscious of balancing key attributes of aspect, prospect and refuge, Kennedy Nolan optimises the spectacular site of Always in such an enviable, far-removed, natural location. Kennedy Nolan aligns the proposed form along the coast, structurally stabilising it amid its dynamic cliffside terrain.
Photography by Derek Swalwell


 200m2    .    EXTENSIVE ROOF GARDEN    .    160mm PROFILE    .    4 SPECIES    .    1,395 PLANTS