Floating wetlands 

A low-cost, natural solution to improve water conditions


Absorbs pollutants and heavy metals.

Enhances visual amenity of water bodies.

Provides safe habitat for aquatic fauna and birds.

Reduces evaporation through the shading effect.

Protects vulnerable areas like shorelines from erosion.

Clarifies water through flocculating effect of bacteria

Helps remove dissolved organic matter.

Enhances biodiversity

Fytogreens floating wetlands are floating modules planted with wetland species to add beauty, interest, offer significant water quality management benefits/capacity and provide a diverse habitat to all kinds of water bodies. 

Developed by horticulturists, so 100% of the module surface is capable of plant growth, Fytogreen have meet the growing demand for small scale floating wetlands with positive buoyancy.   The floating wetland modules are light, easy to install and plant, expandable to over 1,000m2 and supported by independent engineering.  Fytogreens floating wetland modules are 100% Australian made and manufactured at Fytogreen head office on the Mornington Peninsula, all components are long life and warrantable and the tether/anchor systems is developed as either an in-lake or bank anchor.

A Safe, Strong and Sustainable Systems 

Fytogreen developed the modular system that remains above the waterline when walked on, meaning maintenance is easy. With independent engineering certification, the system is expandable up to greater than 1,000m2 as a vegetated pontoon.  Safe, strong and sustainable, our modules can be used as temporary or permanent measure with an expected lifespan of 15 years or more. We design each system with indigenous wetland species that deliver on your project goals and our maintenance service ensure your long-term needs are met (if required).

Fytogreen’s floating module system is hydroponic, thereby plants receive all nutrition directly from the water column;  this ensures plants direct all their potential to absorb nutrients, including pollutants and heavy metals, directly from the water they are growing in, rather than organics held within their rooting substrate.   

This is a highly efficient means of utilising vegetation to condition a site, aiding in rehabilitation and remediation towards healthier conditions and habitats.  Our floating wetlands also provide native wildlife refuge - Floating Islands provide a safe nesting site away from introduced predators ie. foxes or cats.

This is a versatile technology capable of being integrated into urban and rural settings, covering industrial, commercial and residential applications, on small and large scales.

They are experts in their field… Our results have exceeded expectations.

It’s a pleasure working with Fytogreen. They are experts in their field. Their ability to listen to your brief and complete design early, procure and pre-grow the green wall offsite is a huge advantage. The density, colour and vibrancy of the installation contributed greatly to the street presence from day one. If you commit to their product early and explain the outcome you’re looking for, you’ll get results. Our results have exceeded expectations.

Blake Troy, Aria Property Group

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