Hydrocell provides a lightweight, non hydrophobic, low organic content media that is stable over time.   It has excellent capillary properties for sub surface irrigation, good shear strength due to particle shape for sloped surfaces, high hydraulic conductivity and is suitable for a wide range of plant species.

Fytogreen’s Hydrocell growing medium is tested in a variety of climatic and planting conditions. Typically Australian towns and cities are seeking ways to conserve water, and we are proud to have tested and proven our gardens as the most efficient water-saving systems available today.

That’s why we were a finalist in the Save Water Award.

What makes Hydrocell better than ordinary wetting agents?

You’ll use less water...

As the Hydrocell greatly improves the absorption and water-holding ability of the soil or potting mix, you’ll use up to 50% less water, depending on conditions and plant species, resulting in more robust blooms along with denser foliage.

Hydrocell is easy to re-wet...

Rewettability of Hydrocell makes it a perfect additive for hydrophobic conditions. When water comes into contact with Hydrocell, it is absorbed instantly and is retained within the root profile - where it benefits your plants.

You’ll need less fertilizer...

Nutrients are absorbed in the open cell structure of Hydrocell and are gradually released, reducing fertilizer leaching out. Though Hydrocell is not a fertilizer, it has the capacity, like no other, to hold nutrient levels from the added fertilizer, especially nitrogen and potassium.

Hydrocell reduces soil compaction...

Hydrocell reduces compaction in the root zone simply by creating more air space. Because it holds air and water the plant roots will seek out and grow through, the Hydrocell flakes.

Hydrocell is biodegradable and environmentally safe...

Hydrocell breaks down in the soil over a 7 year plus period. Because it is sterile and inert the Hydrocell component of the mix will not change the chemical balance (eg. the pH).


We asked a commercial grower to test Hydrocell.  The plants potted with Hydrocell in the mix responded with faster, more robust growth and healthier blooms.

The results speak for themselves! 


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