Fytogreen’s Hydrocell growing medium is tested in a variety of climatic and planting conditions. Typically Australian towns and cities are seeking ways to conserve water, and we are proud to have tested and proven our gardens as the most efficient water-saving systems available today.

That’s why we were a finalist in the Save Water Awards in 2004.

Fytogreen are proud to supply the products we know and trust to the landscape, horticultural and civic infrastructure industry.   All over Australia people are saving water and money by improving plant growth and establishment rates with Fytogreen’s products.

Fytogreen are proud to say that we have supplied proprietary roof garden media components to over 550,000m2 of roof gardens throughout Australia.


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FytoFelt Vertical Garden

Grow a living wall easily - DIY Fytofelt

Our hand-made planters are designed to use the micro fibres in the felt so that all the plants are watered equally. The felt is made from a new polyester, non-toxic fibre that is virtually indestructible.

This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall. Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil.

Our planters come with our custom Root-Wrapping system. This lets you change and re-arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil.

Irrigation Options

water drop

Watering your Vertical Garden

Fytogreen recommend adding a digital hose timer to a nearby tap. Use a hose splitter, ensuring your vertical garden is always connected to an available water source.

Or use the soaker hose and connect to your existing irrigation system.

Hand Watering
FytoFelt vertical garden planters can be watered by hand daily, although they do require multiple waterings per day.


Due to this reason, Fytogreen recommend an automatic watering system.

FytoFelt F4 Panels


4-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

Made from a new polyester felt.
Mounted to a rigid plastic panel.
Simply hang from the tabs and grow.

Please Note:   Plants are NOT included.


Your F4 FytoFelt Kit Includes
• 4 pocket FytoFelt Vertical Garden Panel
• Root Wrappers
• Irrigation Drip Lines
• Mounting Tabs

Size:   620mm high  x  300mm wide (nominal)
Weight:  1.8kg (approx 4.5kg planted)
Cost:       $69 plus shipping

FytoFelt F12 Panels


12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

Made from a new polyester felt.
Mounted to a rigid plastic panel.
Simply hang from the tabs and grow.

PLease Note:  Plants are NOT included.


Your F12 FytoFelt Kit Includes
• 12 pocket FytoFelt Vertical Garden Panel
• Root Wrappers
• Irrigation Drip Lines
• Mounting Tabs

Size:       620mm high x 800mm wide (nominal)
Weight:   3kg (approx 11kg planted)
Cost:       $115 plus shipping

Irrigation / Fertigation Kit


for FytoFelt Vertical Garden Panels

  • Galcon 7101BT - Bluetooth single station controller with integrated inline valve. Read more  Note: Batteries to be replaced every 4 months.
  • Senninger Pressure Reducing Valve Reduces tap water pressure from 400-450kpa to 178kpa.
  • Backlow 810FF Protect from water backflow contamination.
  • EZ FLO 1-075 Automatic Nutrient Dosing System with Regulator - Smart Fertilization through your irrigation system. Read More. 
  • Hortico (or similar) - An excellent all purpose soluble fertiliser that can be added to the fertigator applicator. (If Hortico stock is not available we will substitute this with a similar product)
  • Irrigation Parts - A selection of basic irrigation parts and  connectors will be supplied with this system.

Please Note: 13mm poly irrigation line is not included as length is variable depending on placement of fertigator.

Cost: $660 plus shipping

Floating Gardens

Floating Gardens by Fytogreen

Pre-grown offsite to improve establishment.

Fytogreen has created floating gardens, which are a clever way of reducing pollution (including heavy metals) by filtering and stripping pollutants from water columns, dams, quarries, lakes, ponds and ex-mining sites.

Our range of floating gardens can also be used purely for aesthetics, as beautiful island gardens.

Click to read more about Floating  Gardens/Wetlands

Green Well


Plants that Eat & Drink Well, Always Grow Well

Greenwell helps to concentrate fertilizer and water to the root zone. Helping to prevent water runoff and promote deep root growth. Greenwell also protects tree stems from mowers and clippers and is ideal for street planting and popular in many Council areas.


View the Greenwell Brochure.

Green Facade Units



Fytogreen has introduced a range of pre-grown facade units, planted and well established with various flowering and non-flowering species for sale or hire.

These units can be utilized in numerous ways from event hire, temporary or permanent greening screens and dividers either on ground level or in an elevated position.

View the brochure and species


Fytoclone - Growing Media


The Perfect Cutting & Microgreen Propagator

Fytoclone is an aminoplast resin foam, light but very stable, PH neutralized substrate that is impossible to over wet.  It provides a perfect air/water ratio and ensures uniform moisture distribution. Manufactured in Australia, Fytoclone grows stronger, healthier, greater yielding plants.

Excellent for microgreens (sprouts), where uniform germination, water distribution and water retention are vital for commercial performance.

View Fytoclone for Cutting Propagation
View Fytoclone Microgreen Propagation

Available in 6 Cell Seedling Tray & 100lt Bag  

• 4 seedling trays (24 cells)       $12.00 + shipping
• 8 seedling trays (48 cells)       $20.00 + shipping
• 40 seedling trays (240 cells)   $85.00 + shipping
• 100lt bag                                 $80.00 + shipping

Hydrocell Flakes

Hydrocell, soil enhancer,

Soil Enhancer, Aerator & Growth Promoter

Hydrocell is a unique growing medium that is firm white foam, lightweight and 100% biodegradable. Hydrocell significantly reduces your water consumption while encouraging faster, stronger and healthier plants.

• Environmentally Safe
• Bio-Degradable over 10 years
• Sterile and Inert
• Lightweight
• Easily mixed into the root zone

View the Hydrocell Brochure


Available in 100lt Bag & 1m3 Bulka Bag 

100lt bag                   $65.00 + shipping
1m3 Bulka Bag         Contact Fytogreen

Fytocell - Growing Media


Hydroponic Soil-Less Growing Media

Fytocell delivers enhanced performance and better crops that can increase your yield.  Fytocell is a pH neutralised substrate aminoplast resin foam, light and very stable.

The key is the perfect 37% air to 60% water ratio by volume which encourages a mass of finely branched roots. This enables better uptake of air, water and essential nutrients.   

It is 100% environmentally friendly.


View the Fytocell Brochure


Available in 13lt and 100lt bags

• 13lt bag (min. 3 per order)     $15.00 + shipping
• 100lt bag                                $65.00 + shipping

Hydrocell RG-30


Water Reservoir Layer

Hydrocell is a proprietary urea formaldehyde resin based hardfoam that is delivered in a pre-manufactured sheet composition.

The dry weight is 4kg/m2/100mm, which is complemented by it’s ability to absorb water into the open cell structure to reach a field capacity weight of up to 55kg/m2/100mm.    The Hydrocell RG30 layer is made up of interconnected small to medium cells or pore spaces, enabling the usable media volume to be approx  99%.

Available in 60mm depth
View our RG30 Information Sheet