Fytogreen are proud to supply the products we know and trust to the landscape, horticultural and civic infrastructure industry. All over Australia people are saving water and money by improving plant growth and establishment rates with Fytogreen’s products.

Fytogreen are proud to say that we have supplied proprietary roof garden media components to over 700,000m2 of roof gardens throughout Australia.

You can easily order our products Fytofelt DIY green walls, Hydrocell or Fytocell bags online or call 1300 182 341 to order directly from Fytogreen.


Fytogreen’s Hydrocell growing medium is tested in a variety of climatic and planting conditions. Typically Australian towns and cities are seeking ways to conserve water, and we are proud to have tested and proven our gardens as the most efficient water-saving systems available today.

That’s why we were a finalist in the Save Water Awards in 2004.

Fytogreen also supply the horticultural industry with many other greening infrustructure products.Please fill in the bellow order form to place an order for Hydrocell Media, RG30, Tree Anchor Kits or a bulk Fytofelt order.