FLOATING WETLAND MODULES with raised swan nesting platform

Location  - Janefield Wetlands, Zara Close, Bundoora, Vic

Client -  City of Whittlesea

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Completion -  June 2021

Fytogreen was proud to work on was the creation of Black Swan nesting habitat at Janefield Wetlands in Melbourne. The project was commissioned by the City of Whittlesea, who wanted to enhance the biodiversity and ecological value of their wetland area. 

Fytogreen designed and installed 12.8m2 of Floating Wetlands modules, which are specially designed to provide a stable and floating platform for plants and animals.  The modules have a raised swan nesting platform,  and accommodates 48 plants and 8 different species of aquatic plants, such as sedges, marshwort and perennials .

The Floating Wetlands modules were installed in June 2021, with a temporary protection frame to ensure successful plant establishment. The frame was removed after four months, when the plants had grown well and were ready for swan nesting.  The project has resulted in a beautiful and diverse wetland habitat that attracts many birds and other wildlife.

TOTAL 12.8m2    .    8 SPECIES    .    48 PLANTS