Miami Medical Centre is home to 2 stunning Fytogreen vertical gardens.



2 Seperate Fytogreen Fytowalls on the External Facades of Miami Medical Centre

Location 2125 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami, QLD

Client – PJ Stormonth

Architect – Greg Kearney Architect 

Design & Install – Fytogreen Australia

Completion  – September 2018

Fytogreen was commissioned to install two greenwalls on the west and south facades of the new medical center on Gold Coast Highway, Miami.

The south facing Fytowall measures 7.6m high x 5.5m wide, and the second vertical garden is located on the western facade of the building and measures 9.7m high x 4m wide. The above images were taken 10 months after planting.  Both green walls are thriving, healthy & lush.

Fytogreen also installed a 7m green facade and 11 rooftop planter boxes located on the western side with northern, western and eastern aspects