Polarmoss by Fytogreen - Moss Greenwall FlexiPanels

Our moss greenwall panels are a contemporary and classy way to bring a touch of nature indoors by creating unique interior design surfaces. Used on internal walls, moss greenwall Flex Elements panels add an impressive dimension to public and private interior spaces.

The product is handmade from Polarmoss’ high-quality Polarmoss Extra moss that is colored and preserved. The high-quality Polarmoss Flex Element is a maintenance-free, flame-retarding, sound-absorbing, interior surface product that also acts as an indicator of good air humidity.

Flex Elements are lightweight and extremely easy to install seamlessly even on large surfaces. The fastener hook tape installation method offers limitless possibilities for variation. The position of the product can be changed quickly. It is effortless to vary the design with different-colored Flex Elements and by rearranging them in different color orders.

The moss greenwall flexible qualities make it ideal for use on curved surfaces, too. Cutting different patterns and shapes is easy and enhances the unique application possibilities of the design.

The 16 available colors offer the possibility to design surface solutions with a variety of styles and tones. Individual artistic solutions are endless, created by using multiple colors of Flex Elements.

PRICE:       $190 each        (inc gst)
PER M2:    $790.50m2     (approx)
SIZE:          40cm x 60cm per panel

Polarmoss by Fytogreen - Loose Coloured moss


Loose Polarmoss Colored Moss is used in many ways in indoor decoration.

Colored moss gives a great, visually attractive look to shop windows and enhances the visual appearance of shows and exhibitions. In interior design it is an excellent material for creating interior surfaces and interior design products.

Floristry and hobby industries use our colored moss in multiple ways. Polarmoss Colored Moss is used in architectural and miniature railway models, for example to construct trees, bushes, and grass.

Colored moss is manufactured from Polarmoss’ own reindeer moss. It is colored and preserved by hand. It does not need any maintenance and it is a flame-retardant, retarding ignition of the underlay material.

Fytogreen's Loose Colored Moss is available in
16 Beautiful Colors.

PRICE:       $14.50 each  (inc gst)
PER M2:    $175.50 m2   (approx)
SIZE:          200gm bag

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