A Vibrant Entrance Piece in noosa

Location - Private Residence, Noosa, QLD

Client -  Property Owner

Landscape Architect  - Conlon Group

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance  - Fytogreen Australia

Completion  - December 2022

Tucked within a stylish Noosa home, the FytoFelt green wall stands as an eye-catching and colorful entrance piece.

This green wall covers an area of 26.5m² and is installed on a sloping driveway area with dimensions ranging from 1.8 meters to 4 meters in height and 9 meters in width. The living wall features an impressive variety of 34 plant species, carefully selected to create a lush and visually appealing composition. A total of 512 plants contribute to the vibrant display.

Collaboration between the property owner and the landscape architects, Conlon Group, Fytogreen successfully designed and installed the green wall in December 2022 .  It was full and lush from day one, due to pre-growing time in the Fytogreen nursery prior to installation.   Now 12 months on, the vertical garden is simply stunning and is admired by those approaching the entrance and adds a touch of natural beauty to the Noosa residence.

26m2 green wall at Noosa Private Residence

26.5m2   FYTOFELT GREEN WALL  .    34 SPECIES    .    512 PLANTS