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Unless you have visited the Fytogreen’s head office, you may not be aware of the diverse infrastructure that is required to develop a truly sustainable specialist living-architecture operation.

Based in Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula, Fytogreen house one of the largest ‘green wall specific’ greenhouse’s in Australia; now with over 3,000m2 of green and shade houses, 1200m2 being heated.  Fytogreen are well equipped to meet the ever-increasing demand for our innovative products.

Since establishment in Somerville in 2008, Fytogreen now have over 1,500 species as part of planting palette, and hold aprroximately 400 different species at any one time in our nursery,  with a considerable number being propagated internally in an effort to continually expand the researched and tested species available to enhance the biodiversity in our vertical gardens.  This is a vital operation, as the general nursery industry does not yet support the specialist vertical garden industry, which has an ever-increasing requirement to use specialised species rather than general terrestrial (landscape) species.

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Fytogreen's 7 bay greenhouse, also host our freshly planted green wall panels, ensuring that all our vertical garden receive an abundance of TLC when freshly planted. By pre-growing our modules, Fytogreen aids successful establishment, lowers plant loss and creates the ability to provide spectacular vertical gardens from the day that they are installed on site.

Fytogreen have always focused on the environment around us, our nursery is, and will always have a sustainable focus; utilizing water from our multiple dams on the property for our irrigation systems.  Fytogreen’s nursery also allows the R & D programme to develop, test and adapt innovative products for the industry ensuring sustainability is achievable on all the products we offer.

Our dams utilize our Floating Garden modules doubling up in it's function of de-nutrification of the dam water and effective water cooling actions.  The floating garden modules eliminate algae establishment, as well as having the ability to ‘seed’ indigenous aquatic and marginal species through the wetland and its banks.  There-fore these garden  transform our water supply into habitat.

Our propagation area is also notable, allowing us to provide species that simply are not available in bulk anywhere else in Australia, providing Fytogreen with a unique advantage when supplying biodiversity to our green walls. This is important as research into appropriate and new species use needs to be accompanied by sustainable, commercial, supply.

There is a further 10,000m2 available for the pre-growth of our green facade and planter range ensuring the Fytogreen remains the leader in this emerging market sector.

Fytogreen also is home to a second nursery in Chambers Flat, Brisbane, so that we can cater for the increasing demand for Fytogreen solutions to support our existing and upcoming installations in the northern half of Australia

" Thank-you Fytogreen.....

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for hosting our students at Fytogreen last week. 
Again, the students were blown away by what Fytogreen do.
And I always manage to learn something new, everytime I visit.   

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion and accommodation London College of Garden Design Students, its one of our highlights of the year.

- Brent, London College of Garden Design 

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The team at Fytogreen regularly conduct educational tours of our stunning nursery.   Our experienced botanists often share our experience and knowledge about sustainable and successful green infrastructure to university students, architects and landscape architect.