LOCATION - Peak Apartments 56 Bellevue Terrace, St Lucia.

DEVELOPER - HB Property Group

ARCHITECT - Base Architecture Pty Ltd

PROJECT BUILDER - Hutchinson Builders Qld

DESIGN & INSTALL - Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION - November 2016

Adorning the front of this 28 apartment residential project in St Lucia is a 16 m2 Fytowall vertical garden. This tall narrow green wall is accessed for maintenance via rope access and creates a column of green for the north facing, street frontage.

Shadowing from surrounding structures played a role in plant species selection and location in this green wall planting array. Fytogreen’s botanist was careful to ensure all species will thrive in their locations to ensure Ecological Sustainability. 480 plants cover this green wall made up of 48 species to provide biodiverse ecology and an aesthetic that is multi coloured with many leaf shapes and sizes.