PLANTER BOXES - A cost-effective, permanent or temporary greening solution.


Fytogreen range of planter boxes offers incredible flexibility in design and installation;  They can act as a liner or an independent structural element, drainage can be directly plumbed and bypass the requirement for a water proof membrane.
Idea for indoor atriums, inspiring office spaces, breathable carpark crash barriers, stunning showrooms, residential balconies or roof gardens - the options are endless.


Fytogreen’s range of Linear Low Density Polyethylene planter boxes provide a UV stable, flexible container for architectural greening.
Supplied by Melbourne Rotomould, known for their extensive expertise with complex industrial installations and fabrications, plastic products and components for innumerable industries from biomedical through to agricultural.  Their products are manufactured locally to meet high Australian standards and they are committed to purchasing Australian made inputs wherever possible.By choosing Fytogreen and Melbourne Rotomould, you are not only choosing world class products, you are supporting local jobs and our local economy.


Fytogreen are leading the industry with our proven solutions for greening the built environment. Backed by 16 years hands on industry experience, a team of specialised horticulturist experts and an extensive range of project accomplishments - Fytogreen can offer a ecological sustainable solution to greening .
We have helped Australian and International developers, architects and landscape architects create beautiful, environmentally sustainable gardens integrated into the architectural form.

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive, sustainable greening solutions that exceed clients projected expectations.

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