Popular and practical planter boxes

An architectural greening solution that supports your design vision


Lightweight and configurable with integrated watering system and hidden drainage points.


The panel system offers flexibility in size, scale and design for a variety of applications.


Stable ecology, planned for year round interest and long-term value.


Engineer-certified and fire compliant AS1530.3 construction executed with care.


Plants support our cognitive function, physical health and psychological wellbeing.


Guidance and advice from award-winning green infrastructure experts.


Green wall plants are proven to absorb and clean pollutants from the air.

Plants bring a refreshing burst of life to any space and there’s no easier way to integrate them than in a planter box. For indoor or outdoor applications, large scale or small, up on balconies or down on the streets, planter boxes are a cost-effective, convenient greening solution whatever function or ambience you’re aiming for.

with our planter boxEs you can Easily realise your creative vision

At Fytogreen, we’re all about helping designers realise their creative vision. And that means customised planter boxes we can configure in colours, shapes and sizes to fit. As for the plants themselves, we have an unmatched range of species to draw from – over 1,500! This degree of choice, together with our technical and maintenance expertise, means we can deliver original, sustainable green planter box solutions to support any greening vision.

Powder-Coated Aluminum planter boxes - fire compliant & functional

Usable either as a non-powder-coated liner to isolate the waterproof membrane within lightweight structures or blockwork, or as stand-alone powder-coated aluminium planters, these are suitable for all kinds of applications.   Custom-made to fit, they come in a range of bespoke shapes and sizes, and the fact that they meet fire compliance codes, makes them a popular and practical choice for commercial, corporate and residential projects.

• Strong and lightweight
• Fire compliant to AS1530.1
• Bespoke sizes available
• H-shape design featuring hidden drainage voids
• Suitable for balconies and areas where weight is an issue



GRC planter boxes - engineered from glass fibre reinforced concrete

Our range of GRC planters, supplied by expert concrete technologists Satu Bumi, give you ultimate flexibility. Choose from a collection of pots, troughs, bowls, cylinders and street planter furniture or have something custom-built to fit. They’re made from a carefully calibrated mixture of concrete and glass fibre, which means they’re thinner and lighter than traditional cast concrete with the same or greater strength. With planting and maintenance by Fytogreen, GRC planters are a versatile proposition that deliver enduring impact, function and style.

• Fire compliant to AS1530.1
• Lifting Lugs Certified to 500kg
• H-shape design featuring hidden drainage voids
• Suitable for balconies and areas where weight is an issue
• Standard & bespoke shapes, colours, textures and sizes

Wicking planter boxes - simple, self watering efficiency

As any gardener knows, consistent moisture is a plant essential, and in hot, windy, elevated locations this can be a challenge. We created a simple solution – self-watering or ‘wicking’ planter boxes with a water reservoir hidden in the base. The Hydrocell media acts as a wick that draws water up into the plants’ root zone via capillary action. This means moisture is available whenever plants need it. (Yes - the plants are being watered upside down!) Wicking planter boxes are a great greening option if you want commercial trees and plants but don’t want the hassle of daily watering.

• Self-watering
• Water efficient with 4-6 week watering intervals
• No drainage outlet required
• Choose from an array of species

Pot-in-pot planter boxes - refreshed looks as east as 1, 2, 3

Fytogreen’s pot-in-pot technique makes refreshing office plants as easy as 1, 2, 3. With this simple speedy system, the pots remain unchanged but the plants can be switched out to suit the season, event or mood. We use our own specialised growing media with extra Hydrocell to improve plant longevity, but with no end of plants to choose from, you can enjoy a refreshing variety all year round. No mess no fuss.

• Easily replace plants for a fresh new look
• Choose from an array of species
• Replace plants on a regular or ad hoc basis
• Indoor or outdoor applications

LLDPE planter boxes - engineered from linear low density polyethylene resin

Looking for planter boxes that are lightweight, weatherproof and virtually indestructible? No problem. We’re proud to work with Melbourne Rotomould who create modular planter boxes from linear low density polyethylene or LLDPE. This plastic-type resin is lighter than competing materials, customisable and resistant to weather, stains, rust and cracks. If you need a flexible, cost-effective planter for use as a lining or independent structural element where drainage can be direct plumbed (bypassing the need for a waterproof membrane), ask us about developing a solution with LLDPE.

• Waterproof
• UV stable
• Lightweight
• Crack resistant
• Customisable
• No rust, corrosion or rot
• Stain and graffiti resistant
• Can mimic the look of other materials

They are experts in their field… Our results have exceeded expectations.

It’s a pleasure working with Fytogreen. They are experts in their field. Their ability to listen to your brief and complete design early, procure and pre-grow the green wall offsite is a huge advantage. The density, colour and vibrancy of the installation contributed greatly to the street presence from day one. If you commit to their product early and explain the outcome you’re looking for, you’ll get results. Our results have exceeded expectations.

Blake Troy, Aria Property Group

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