LOCATION - City Road, Southbank, Melbourne CBD

CLIENT -  Salvo Property Group

ARCHITECT - Squillace

PROJECT BUILDER - Brookfield Multiplex

DESIGN & INSTALL - Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION - April 2016

203 planter boxes were pre-grown at Fytogreen’s nursery facility in Somerville for 9 months. The planting pallet comprised of 5 species with the aspect facing west and north.

A specially designed planter utilizing LLDPE Rotomould technology for long term sustainability to act as both a crash and fall protection barrier was designed with forklift slipper slots.

Pre-growth, V24 mesh from Tensile fitted to a powder coated frame, enable good plant establishment. A pre-growth period of 12 months or more would of been ideal to deliver the planters with their starter mesh panel at full coverage for all species.

This will be an iconic green facade for Melbourne and is spectacular in early summer when in full flower

 A word from Aspect Studios….

Platinum Apartments

Platinum Tower’s Green Façade in Southbank, Melbourne has won an Innovation award in the 2021 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat – CTBUH awards program. CTBUH’s Innovation Award recognises a break through in technology and design for a specific part of a tall building and this recognition highlights our efforts in creating sustainable environments that enhance the cities we live in.

It took a concerted effort working closely with Fytogreen and Tensile Australia to create a green façade that spans between levels 2 to 10 of the tower. The vertical garden wraps around the podium and provides a natural ventilation system for the car park within.

The installation of the green façade involved the development of a pre-grown system that acts as a trellis, fall protection and a vehicular barrier whilst also allowing the plants to grow off site for nine months, enabling the five species of climbers to provide 50% coverage on the first day on site.

Congratulations to our collaborators Fytogreen Australia Pty LtdTensile Design & Construct, as well as Multiplex and Squillace Architects who are all integral to the towers success.

Photography: Andrew Lloyd