LOCATION – Private Residence Balwyn, Victoria

CLIENT – Anne Kelso

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – June 2015

A Florafelt project designed, pre-grown and installed by Fytogreen for native plant enthusiast, Anne Kelso located in Balwyn, Victoria.

Fytogreen used 10 Florafelt F12 modules and 4 Florafelt F4 modules to create this lush wall. The host fence is mostly shaded and faces the living room, creating a beautiful vista from the heart of the home.

This green wall boasts numerous textures created by using 27 species of native ferns, grasses, dwarf trees and ground covers over the 5.6m x 1.2 metre outdoor wall.

Anne, the owner, is a member of the local ‘Native Plant Society’ and proudly shows the green wall to her fellow Native Plants Society colleagues. Anne undertakes all the maintenance herself and the above photos shows the growth 10 months after installation.