LOCATION – Canterbury Road, Middle Park

CLIENT – Private Residence

ARCHITECT – b.e Architects

PROJECT BUILDER – Beaton Projects Ltd

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – November 2014

With the help of B.e Architects, the owners of this traditional Victorian home recreated its beautiful design, with traditional decorations from the by-gone era combined together with modern functionality.

The outdoor courtyard, opening from the modern kitchen / living area, is home to a fully shaded, towering vertical garden. The greenwall is completely surrounded by the building, so an assortment of over 420 low light tolerant plants were used from a selection of 28 species.

The owners loves the cool air, that is passively generated by the green wall, that bellows into the kitchen/living room during the heat of summer.

“ The energy efficiency is fabulous, by using the air thats cooled by the greenwall means we don’t need to turn the air conditioning on, we simply slide open the glass door in the kitchen. ”

This cooled air has also been reduced in CO2 and VOC’s and enriched in O2 by the green wall’s plants photosynthesis. So not only has the air been passively cooled, the air quality has also been improved.