Stylish Residenital Green Walls in Mt Martha

Location - Private Residence Mt Martha

Client - Property Owner

Project Builder  - kb Building Design

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance  - Fytogreen Australia

Completion  - February 2023

Fytogreen solved the challenge of balancing the need for privacy and the desire for natural beauty when assisting a homeowner in Mt Martha, who wanted to create a stunning feature green wall that would screen the view from the neighbours and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property.

The project was designed by KB Building Designs and installed by Fytogreen in February 2023. The green wall consisted of five separate panels, each measuring 0.8m x 2m, making a total of 8.3m2. The panels were planted with 27 different species and 180 plants, creating a lush and diverse vertical garden that complemented the coastal environment.

The green wall not only provided privacy and beauty, but also improved the air quality, reduced noise, and attracted beneficial insects and birds. The homeowner was delighted with the outcome and enjoyed the benefits of having a living wall in their backyard.

We couldn’t be happier with the tranquil oasis Fytogreen have created for our home.
There’s a real passion, care, specialist knowledge and love of what they do to create these beautiful botanical works of art. 
Our green wall is one of our favourites places to be and a beautiful feature wrapping around the living area. Feeling lucky to have one of Fytogreen’ creations, who are truly leading the way in green infrastructure & innovation.
 - Andrea, Property Owner  - 

5 x 0.8m x 2m FYTOFELT OUTDOOR GREEN WALLS  .  TOTAL 8.3M2   .  SPECIES 27  .  PLANTS 180