unique horse-shoe design court yard green walls

Location - Private Residence Brighton East

Client - Mulkarra Properties

Design & Install - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance - Fytogreen Australia

Completion - January 2022

A stunning private residence in Brighton East that is home to 45.8m2 of Fytogreen's FytoFelt green walls.

Fytogreen has provide residential green walls in 2 different areas of the home, the first wall is a unique horse-shoe design;  11.75m  x 2.77m creating a lush and vibrant courtyard.

The second green wall is in a seperate area and is 5.9m long and 2.25m high.

The vertical gardens are being maintained by our expert residential green wall maintenance team and will continue to thive.

HORSE SHOE COURT YARD GREEN WALL: 11.75m2 x 2.77m2     .    GREEN WALL #2: 5.9m2 x 2.25m2