Residential Roof Garden Adelaide 18m2 Roof Garden – 160mm Profile Depth

18m2 Roof Garden - 160mm Profile Depth

Location -  Private Residence, Adelaide, SA

Client  - Owner

Architect - Artec Building Designers

Design & Supply -  Fytogreen Australia

Install & Maintenance  - By Owner and Fytogree

Completion  -  September 2018

A great example of an owner installed ( assisted by Fytogreen ) roof garden in Adelaide.  With Fytogreen’s advice and guidance, the owner constructed the 160mm profile roof garden themselves with Fytogreen supplying all components, media, planting plan, plants and hands on assistance for the garden.   The images show the growth of the roof garden at approx. 18 months after installation.

“ As you can see the garden is well established & looks great!   It was well worth the effort. Thanks ”   - Duncan