108m2 wrap around roof gardens, Seaforth NSW

Location  - Private Residence, Seaforth, NSW

Client - Property Owner

Architect - Progressive Plans

Design & Install - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance - Fytogreen Australia

Completion - October 2022

In October 2022 Fytogreen installed 108m2 of extensive roof gardens at this private residence in Seaforth NSW.

The roof garden is made up of 3 separate green roof sections, that together, create a impressive wrap around effect, creating a stunning natural outlook from all directions of the 2 story family home.

The planting design consists of 16 different species and over 1200 plants, the images show the roof garden 11 months after installation and its look beautiful, healthy and lush.   The gardens are currently being maintained by Fytogreens specialized NSW maintenance team.

3 SEPERATE ROOF GARDENS  -  27m2, 29m2 & 52m2  -  TOTALLING 108m2
 PROFILE DEPTH 150mm2       .     16 SPECIES     .     1024  PLANTS