Lush and leafy enterance at "The Record apartments"

Location -  240 -242 Dorcas St, South Melbourne

Client -  Amber Property Group

Architect -  McIntyre & Cross

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance  - Fytogreen Australia

Completion -  April 2019

The Record Apartments is home to 89m2 of external and internal green walls designed, maintained and installed by Fytogreen.

The internal FytoFelt green wall is 14m2 and located in the entrance airlock area, showcasing 17 different species and over 600 plants.

The 75m2 of external green walls wrap around the car park entrances and span over 24m wide and a 4.2m high.   To design this lush and leafy entrance Fytogreens botanists utilized 60 different species and a whopping 1,525 plants!!!

Fytogreens skilled maintenance team have been caring for these walls since installation and as you can see they are thriving.

The Record Apartments

89m2 FYTOFELT GREEN WALLS     .     INTERNAL (14m2 ) - 17 SPECIES, 608 PLANTS     .     EXTERNAL (75m2) - 60 SPECIES, 1,525 PLANTS