2,023m2 green roof features more than 11,000 native plants!

Location - University of Tasmania, Cradle Coast Campus, Burnie, Tas

Architect - Philp Lighton / Room 11 / John Wardle

Landscape Architect - Aspect Studios

Project Builder -  Fairbrother Southern Construction

Photography  - John Wardle  / Anjie Blair

Design & Install - Fytogreen Australia

Completion -  February 2021

"This natural refuge is perched upon the roof of the University of Tasmania's new campus in Burnie. It was created with more than 11,000 plants, shrubs and grasses from 26 local species.

And according to the specialist green infrastructure company that created it, the roof will become a magnet for native wildlife.

"I don't think you would be surprised if you find mutton birds actually burying in there," Fytogreen managing director Geoff Heard said.

Read the full story at www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2021-06-07/green-roof-covers-university-of-tasmania-burnie-campus/100195504

Traditional Land Owners:
The Peerapper and Tommeginne Peoples

Photographer: Anjie Blair

“The green roof is a strong point of interest, both in our community and with the UTAS sustainability team. We have received requests from various organisations for site tours with specific mention of the green roof”

- Richard Ingram, UTAS

Recent winner of the 2022 Tasmanian Chapter Architecture Awards for Educational Architecture.

EXTENSIVE ROOF GARDEN   .   2,023m2   .   170mm PROFILE DEPTH   .   11,980 PLANTS   .   27 SPECIES