Location  - 644 Victoria St, Nth Melbourne

Client / Project BuilderHacer Construction

Architect - Gray Puksand

Landscape Architect - Tract

Design & Install - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance -  Fytogreen Australia

Completion -  February 2022

The new VACC Headquarters in North Melbourne is home to a 23m2 indoor FytoFelt Green Wall, installed by Fytogreen in February 2022.

This stunning green wall, home to 600 plants and 18 different species, provides a fresh, inviting entry at the new VACC’s Headquarters and will continue to evolve and thrive thanks to the Fytogreen maintenance team who will continue to care for the vertical garden.

VACC Headquarters

FYTOFELT GREEN WALL 11.3m wide x 2.1m high    .     TOTAL 23.7m2   .   18 DIFFERENT SPECIES   .   600 PLANTS