Vertical Gardens...

Meeting a technical challenge to enhance nature’s expression

Rapid urban growth, increasing population numbers and climate change are putting pressure on Australian cities,
demanding a more sustainable approach to urban building design in response.

Over the past 18 years, Fytogreen has become the industry leader & innovator in ecological sustainable vertical greening.

Ecological sustainability - Our aim with every garden we design, install and maintain is to ensure all the plants used thrive in the growing conditions for their natural life spans.

Fytogreen prides itself with a research focus to horticulture, which started in 2002 with trials to improve soils for roof gardens and trials to develop growing systems for vertical gardens.  This research program continues today with the ongoing development of the ecologically sustainable gardens on built structures. From this research program we have now developed numerous new products and processes to meet relevant challenges.

A key component to Fytogreen’s successful green walls is our unique solid substrate that is used in all our vertical gardens. Our tested and proven foam combination provides an extremely stable, “honey-comb” lattice that allows Fytogreen to use a wide diversity of plant types, due to the secure root anchoring and improved ‘on wall’ water holding capacity. It also adds a water buffer to adverse climate events.

Over the past 17 years, Fytogreen has become the industry leader in horticultural technologies with a proven track record of success with more than 220 successful vertical garden projects, encompassing over 6,000m2 of living walls within Australia and internationally.

Australian Wide office Location - Fytogreen has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, as well as an agent in Perth and New Zealand allowing us to efficiently provide ecologically sustainable gardens on buildings all over Australia and New Zealand.

Fytogreen provides a unique capability to design bespoke greening solutions and develop innovative technologies to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Medibank Building, Docklands

Fytogreen provide outstanding, sustainable bespoke green wall solutions for the built environment with numerous options to suit most facades....

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The Fytowall vertical garden system features a series of modular panels containing a light-weight, soil-less growing media in which a wide variety of plant species can grow and flourish. The complex process of species selection and placement has been selectively honed by Fytogreen over many years to ensure the installed vertical gardens are sustainable over the long term.

Fytogreen’s fully integrated hydroponic watering system supports the vegetated panels which can be attached to any structural vertical surface, including curved surfaces.

Fytogreen’s Fytowall system can be installed either outdoors and indoors. They look fabulous as a backdrop for any office, create a stunning entrance for apartment complexes and can provide a ‘wow’ factor in any environment.  We recommend all our indoor walls require lighting.

Click to view The Fytowall Journey detailing the process of 'concept to completion’ of our Fytowall system.

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Fytogreen’s Fytofelt pocket system is fully Australian made and has been fabricated with Fytogreen’s years of experience within the industry.

Our quality vertical garden pockets provide a safe growing medium, that is pH neutral and allows roots to grow directly into the felt, creating a stable growing environment that allows all plants to be watered evenly and not constrained in any way.

The felt pockets are made from a fire compliant felt that is extremely tough and provides perfect growing conditions for a range of plant species.  Additionally, the plants root system is wrapped with felt wraps; allowing you to create an interchangeable design with the possibility of simple plant replacement and re-arranging anywhere within the wall.

Fytogreen’s pocket green wall system is perfect for both commercial and residential installations, comes individually designed, pre-grown, installed and maintained by Fytogreen or packaged for DIY installation.The panels are available in a range of module sizes.



Fytogreen’s FytoWalls, FytoColumns, Curved FytoWalls and FytoArbours, allow different types of plants to colonise almost any space or architectural form.  We can successfully vegetate a range of structures, whether cladding curved walls, suspending freely in the air or rising from floors with minimal to no footprint.

These innovations further our ability to extend the impact of plants beyond the wall or a set garden area, and allow us to capitalise on unused space by injecting verdant and diverse life into the built environment.



An ultra lightweight suspended garden with endless options.

The FytoArbour module system is a self-contained hydroponic garden that can be suspended or mounted above the ground. It has a dedicated automated irrigation and fertigation system.  The outstanding advantage of the system is not having plants growing up from the base of the structure as with traditional arbours and pergolas which normally takes up valuable floor space just where you need it.

The standard modules are 1100mm long and can be placed end to end indefinitely to suit the application.
- Bespoke length and sizes are also available.

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