LOCATION - 350 Williams Street, Melbourne

PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR - Contexx Construction

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT - Tract Consultants Pty Ltd

CONSTRUCT  - Fytogreen Australia


Fytogreen was selected to provide a green façade to adorn the front façade of the apartment development located at 350 Williams Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

The green facade is designed to screen the car park levels from Mezzanine to level 3 car park while providing a green aspect to the building’s front.

3 types of planters were used to accommodate the decorative ground covers and climbing vines. A total of 328 plants were used comprising 26 species made up of climbing vines and decorative native grasses.

All the planter boxes are controlled centrally using a computer control system that Fytogreen can access via the internet. Fytogreen also maintained the green façade during its first year after installation.