Yan Yean Embraces Sustainability with Australian-Made Floating Wetlands

Location -  2265 Plenty Rd, Yan Yean, Vic

Client - Ace Infrastructure Pty Ltd

Landscape Architect -  Florence  Jaquet

Design & Install  - Fytogreen Australia

Maintenance -  Fytogreen Australia

Completion -  17 December 2022

The Yan Yean Cemetery in Victoria, Australia, embarked on a practical and eco-friendly project to enhance its water bodies. Their goals were twofold: significantly improve water quality and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Fytogreen, supplied and installed three floating wetland modules. Each module, measuring 2.16 meters by 2 meters, boasts a unique design that allows for easy connection. These modules were strategically combined to form a single, larger platform with a total area of 12 square meters, achieving complete plant coverage for maximum benefit.

The benefits of these Australian-made floating wetlands extend far beyond aesthetics:

  • Enhanced Water Quality: The system effectively removes pollutants, leading to cleaner water.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Lush, 100% plant coverage creates a visually attractive addition to the cemetery grounds.
  • Habitat Creation: The wetlands provide a haven for aquatic animals, promoting biodiversity.
  • Australian-Made Sustainability: These floating wetlands are a sustainable choice, boasting positive buoyancy for easy expansion and a long lifespan.

In conclusion, the Fytogreen Floating Wetlands at Yan Yean Cemetery demonstrate the effectiveness of Australian-made technology in achieving both environmental and aesthetic improvements.This project serves as a successful example of how innovative and sustainable solutions can benefit our environment.