LOCATION – Private Residence, Essendon.

DESIGN & INSTALL  – Fytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – August 2012

Fytogreen designed and installed this Florafelt greenwall system to screen an outdoor shower area. The shaded space originally had a painted rendered wall with a small garden bed below it and the client asked for a vista that enhanced the view from the dinning room.

Fytogreen’s design team came up with a greenwall that has 108 plants made up of 9 species to cover the space and eventually stretch up to cover the full height of the host wall.  Using this range of plants, Fytogreen installed the Florafelt greenwall system and managed to create a vista that changes as the seasons change.

Fytogreen also quickly trained the clients on how to simply maintain the system and keep the plants thriving for their natural life span.  This greenwall has now become a regular talking point with the clients and their dinner guests and they are also enjoying their new found skills of managing their own greenwall.