Australia’s Tallest Indoor Greenwall ( 52.9M HIGH ) 463M2

LOCATION – Tower Four – Collins Square, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne.

DEVELOPER – Walker Corporation

ARCHITECT – Woods Bagot

PROJECT BUILDER – Brookfield Multiplex

DESIGN & INSTALL – Fytogreen Australia

MAINTENANCEFytogreen Australia

COMPLETION – October 2016

Collins Square is a premium A grade commercial development which has been fitted with the largest and tallest indoor vertical garden in the Southern Hemisphere, provided by Fytogreen Australia.

Spanning from level 7 upto level 20 of the atrium area, this living wall, used approx 13,890 plants to provide a range of benefits to the building and its occupants.

Aesthetic – Over 16 species were used to provide a range of colours and textures, creating an amazing, lush, vista for the offices spanning the 14 levels.

Improved Air Quality – Large numbers of plants in a small foot print allows the plants to reduce VOC’s, reduce CO2 levels and enrich O2 levels.

Reducing Indoor Air Temperature – Air passively passing the edges of the green wall modules is cooled by the water content of the living wall. This cooler air spreads to the lowest floor area and passively assists the buildings air-conditioning.

Reduced Noise / Echo – The plants combined with Fytogreen’s hydroponic growing media reduces sound waves, creating a natural sound absorbing surface.

Improving Building’s Value & Livable Space – A thriving, ecologically sustainable green wall adds to the buildings value by creating an impressive living landmark, while increasing the